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Stellantis announces historic investment in Porto Real and production of new model

The Citroën range manufactured at the Stellantis plant in Porto Real

Stellantis President for South America, Emanuele Cappellano, today welcomed Vinicius Farah, Secretary of Economic Development, Industry, Trade and Services of the State of Rio de Janeiro, representing Governor Cláudio Castro. This meeting follows the announcement of a colossal investment of 32 billion reais (€5.7 billion), representing the largest investment cycle in the history of the automotive industry in Brazil and South America. South.

A new investment to strengthen production at Porto Real

Stellantis has confirmed the production of a new model in Porto Real in the coming years, in addition to the imminent launch of the Citroën Basalt. The latter will be added to the Citroën C-Cubed range, but there is nothing to suggest that it will be a Citroën model, it could be a Jeep. This new investment of 3 billion reais (€535 million), spread over the period 2025-2030, will not only support the production of this new model, but will also allow the increase of production capacity and the creation of new jobs at the Stellantis Automotive Hub in Porto Real.

A commitment to innovation and sustainability

This ambitious investment reaffirms Stellantis' commitment to the Porto Real region, strengthening the automotive supply chain and developing new technologies for the decarbonisation of mobility. "The Stellantis Automotive Hub in Porto Real is strategic for our company's projects in the region, contributing to the development of safe, sustainable and accessible mobility," said Emanuele Cappellano. "We are also announcing this significant round of investment, which will support the launch of an unprecedented new product that will certainly be a strong competitor in our market."

A global investment for modernization and innovation

With this new round of 3 billion reais, the total investment in the Porto Real factory since 2011 will reach more than 13 billion reais (€2.3 billion). This investment is therefore part of the major investment plan announced by Stellantis and which will be used for the development of new products, research and development (R&D), as well as the modernization of the unit's installations, systems and equipment. industrial. In total, this massive investment will enable the launch of 40 new products, 8 powertrains, as well as the development of bio-hybrid technologies and innovations for the decarbonization of the automotive supply chain.

In conclusion, the announcement of this investment in the Porto Real factory ensures a clearer future with the production of four models on these lines in the coming years. The 3 billion Reais invested in the Porto Real factory are included in the group's major investment plan in Latin America which, more than ever, wants to make this region its third engine of growth after Europe and the United States.

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