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Record year 2022 for DS in Greece

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v2022 was a particularly good year for DS, which renewed the DS 7 and DS 3 and achieved record sales, especially in Germany, with a brilliant end to the year. The brand also performed well elsewhere in Europe, particularly in Greece, where it has never sold so many cars, making it a special market for it.

In fact, with 1,349 units sold over the whole year in Greece, sales of DS cars have increased by 356% compared to 2021, giving the brand a market share of 1.2%, the highest market share for DS in Europe, more than the brand has in France! It's a pretty crazy performance considering that DS only has one store in Greece, the DS Store Athens, located in Chalandri.

This performance is due to the DS 3, whose sales have increased by 10 times compared to 2021, but also to the DS 7 Crossback, whose sales have increased by 64% compared to last year. DS is taking advantage of its E-Tense range to grow, as hybrid versions represent 63% of DS 7 sales, 43% of DS 4 sales and, logically, 100% of DS 9 sales. It should be noted that DS is the only premium brand to offer a fully electric range in Greece.

With the redesigned DS 3 and DS 7, DS Automobiles is well equipped to make 2023 a new record year in Greece, especially as the DS 4 is expected to take off. The brand will always be able to rely on its E-Tense range to win over more and more customers, especially for the DS 3, which receives the new engine from Stellantis.

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