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Record sales for Citroën in Turkey: the C4 X leads the way!

The Citroën C4 X in a red shade in Türkiye

After closing the year 2023 with an annual sales record of more than 63,000 units sold, Citroën continues its trend in 2024 by achieving a new sales record for the month of February, making Turkey one of its most popular markets in the world. The brand's success is due in part to the C4 X, which set a new monthly record.

IIn fact, in February 2024, Citroën sold a total of 7,730 units on the Turkish market, making it the third best-selling brand in Turkey in February with a market share of 7.3%. The brand places its models at the top of their segments, including the C4, which is third in the C-segment, but Citroën is also in very good shape in the commercial vehicle segment with the Berlingo and Jumper, which are second in their respective segments.

But the most important thing is the sales figure of the Citroën C4X on the Turkish market in February, which became the best-selling imported car on the Turkish market, an important place that the brand's notchback sedan had not yet reached. In total, Citroën delivered 2,249 C4Xs in Turkey in February, which is very close to the record set in December 2023 when 2,372 units were delivered.

A few months ago, Citroën announced that it wanted to make Turkey its fifth global market, but the brand has far exceeded its expectations, as the sales record achieved in 2023 allowed Citroën Turkey to become the brand's third global market for the entire year. In 2024, this trend will continue and even accelerate, as this new sales record in February 2024 will make Turkey the second most important market for Citroën, after France. A resounding success for Citroën on the Turkish market, thanks to commercial vehicles, but also to its VP range, starting with the C4 sales figures.

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