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Record growth for Citroën in Uruguay thanks to the new C3

The new Citroën C3 - a revolutionary model with outstanding performance in Uruguay in March 2023

The new C3 aims to increase the brand's sales thanks to local production, which allows it to offer competitive prices. This is particularly the case in Latin America, where Citroën manufactures the C3 at the Porto Real plant in Brazil to distribute it in the region, and in particular in Uruguay, where the brand has seen its sales explode.

After a veritable sales explosion in January 2023, when it ranked third in terms of sales, Citroën repeated this performance in March, recording one of the strongest growth rates on the market for the month of March.

In fact, with 433 units sold, the brand's sales were up 225.6%, putting Citroën in fourth place with a market share of 8.2%, just a few dozen units behind the leaders.

This performance should be compared with that of the Uruguayan market, which recorded a fall of 8.8% with 5,286 units sold. It was the entry into the catalogue of the new C3 that allowed Citroën to see its sales take off, the brand's small sedan is indeed Citroën's most accessible model in Uruguay and certainly the closest to the needs of consumers who find themselves in this C3 with, as a consequence, sales of the brand which exploded allowing it to enter permanently in the top 5 of the market in Uruguay.

Over the first quarter of the year, the effect is identical, as Citroën's sales show an increase of 252.5% for 1,054 units sold, which allows the brand to obtain a market share of 8.3% and to enter the top 5, where it was in tenth place in 2022.

Citroën is thus the Stellantis group's second brand behind Fiat (1,161 units), but the first French brand since Citroën is ahead of Peugeot (872 units) and Renault (1,005 units). Although Uruguay is a small market in terms of volume, such a performance is interesting, especially as the brand intends to sell the future C3 Aircross there, as well as the third model in the C-Cubed range, which will inevitably allow it to gain a few more places, enough to make it the number one brand? Possibly, given the gap between Citroën and Chevrolet, number 1 in the first quarter: 545 units.

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