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Passionnément Citroën wishes you happy holidays

Hello everyone,

Here we are! It's time for the holidays, the end of a complicated and stressful start to the year with the planned closure of the site, saved in extremis by Citroën.

I take the opportunity of these few lines to thank you very much for your loyalty, to tell you that it is a pleasure to see so many of you, to see your comments and, although I do not always reply, I read each of your comments with pleasure and joy. This first part of the year, the holidays, will allow you to recharge your batteries, a long recharge of 15 days, before attacking a second part which will probably be very busy and that from the 1st of September. Of course, it is the future C3 that will occupy us until its unveiling on 17th October, but believe me, there are many other things to come.

During these holidays, the site will continue to operate at the rate of two articles per day (at 11am and 3pm) and I guarantee that I have a programme of small onions for you. Between discovering the next Citroëns with updated images of the C3 and the Berlingo, you will discover the very first image of the restyled C4, I won't tell you any more, but stay tuned. These next few weeks will also be an opportunity to look back at the brand's heritage with the models that will celebrate their anniversaries in 2023 and for which you will discover the history, but it is also an opportunity to discover an exclusive interview with the DS range director who explains to us the restyling of the DS3 and DS 7 with, on the menu, very interesting information.

I hope you enjoy these articles, I for my part will enjoy reading them, even if I will not always respond, the call of relaxation and the wonderful landscapes of my delicious Ardèche will divert my gaze from my phone. For those who are about to go on holiday, I wish you a wonderful time and for those who have returned, I hope you have had a good rest.

Happy holidays, the site continues its life and I, for my part, give you an appointment for the 21st of August,


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