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Over 10,000 orders for the Citroën AMI in Italy

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A real surprise when it was launched in 2020, the Citroën AMI was able to establish itself in the automotive landscape despite the mockery it suffered. If Citroën's little chip is a real success in France, it is also the case on the other side of the Alps where AMI has just taken another step.

2023 begins under the sign of success for Citroën Ami, which has passed the milestone of 10,000 orders in Italy since its launch. An important step for the brand's small chip, which entered the market in April 2020 and has been growing ever since. Indeed, in 2022, Citroën sold 3,614 ami over the year, an increase of 56% compared to 2021. Naturally, AMI is the leader in its segment with a market share of 55%.

Since its launch, Citroën has multiplied announcements and partnerships in Italy to arouse and support the interest of young people in particular in AMI. Among these, the "Citroën Drive La Maddalena Electric" and "Citroën Drive Carloforte Electric" events have enabled the brand to confirm its commitment to the energy transition process and to help promote electric mobility in Sardinia, delivering two electric vehicle fleets to the respective municipalities. Likewise, participation in Design Week and EICMA for two consecutive years has highlighted the extent to which Citroën, which participated in the 2022 edition with the entire Ami range, is an active protagonist in urban mobility. Finally, the “My Ami Superfan” campaign, with its 50 Ambassadors, recorded numerous tests and 170 sales.

“Educational” type projects have brought the Citroën Brand closer to schools and students, such as “Respect AMI”, with which the Brand has tackled the serious and current problem of harassment and cyber-harassment, and “GénérationAMI”: 1 075 classes participating in the project for a total of 25,466 students who received digital education, with 1,800 test drives carried out. A real tour of schools throughout Italy to promote the benefits of sustainable mobility. It is no coincidence that the initiative also obtained the prestigious "CEO FOR LIFE AWARD" in 2022.

And the "GénérationAMI" project begins the new year by evolving further to become "Electric Mobility for Sport", still in line with the Brand's objective of promoting the values of accessibility and inclusiveness, by supporting the most youth. Turning this time to the world of sport, Citroën will sponsor 20 sports clubs on national territory, without limiting the type of discipline, with the only constraint of the target aged between 14 and 18 years. Once the participating companies have been selected, the Educational Tour will begin, in which the Brand offers training events capable of answering all doubts and curiosities about the advantages of truly sustainable mobility. All athletes will be able to take part in the GënerationAMI Prize Competition with a free 6-month loan for the use of Citroën AMI and a €500 voucher for the purchase of sports equipment for the winner's club. Finally, at each stage, young athletes will have the opportunity to do road tests aboard the Citroën Ami with professional instructors, for greater involvement.

With AMI, Citroën has not contented itself with providing a new mobility solution but has built an entire ecosystem around young people to promote electric and sustainable mobility, inclusion or the fight against bullying. Citroën is also rejuvenating its brand image with, as a result, a major success for the small brand which has not finished turning heads.

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