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[News from Citroën in the first half of the year - Part 2

La nouvelle version de la Citroën My Ami Buggy présentée en 2023

After a first part dedicated to the C4 and the Autonomous Concept, which saw three new pods unveiled in China, the review of the brand's news in the first half of the year continues with a focus on the developments brought to the cars, which, as you will see, are relatively numerous.

New C3 Aircross

After the C3, Citroën continues to develop its specific range for countries outside Europe where the brand is seeking to establish itself. It is the turn of the C3 Aircross, presented last April.

This new generation of the C3 Aircross, the second in Latin America, is based on the CMP platform and has a length of 4.32 m with the same wheelbase as the C4, i.e. 2.67 m, a guarantee of the necessary good roominess, since this new C3 Aircross is available for the first time not only in a 5-seater version but also in a 7-seater version, which makes it a relatively unique offer both in India and in Latin America, where its only competitor is a rather old 7-seater minivan. However, this 7-seater version is extremely useful for Citroën's development in Indonesia, a market in which the brand hopes to make strong progress and where 70% of sales are of 7-seater versions.

Citroën a présenté le nouveau C3 Aircross en Inde et en Amérique Latine

This new C3 Aircross is inspired by the latest C3, with which it shares certain elements such as the headlights, the front doors or the bonnet, but it is clearly distinguished by a much more sophisticated style, a black grille on which the chevrons, as on the restyled C5 Aircross, take on their independence.

Inside, the new C3 Aircross also adopts the dashboard of the C3, but treats it differently with much more upmarket materials, including the slush taken from the C4 and C5 X for the headrest in front of the occupants. The seats also use the design used in Europe, with backrests divided by a strip at shoulder level, in the exact image of what the brand offers in Europe on certain models.

The new C3 Aircross will be sold in India and Latin America, where it is manufactured, in the second half of the year and will enter a very competitive segment from where it will allow Citroën to further develop its sales. It will also be the inspiration for our second generation C3 Aircross in Europe, which will be very different in style, but close in size and philosophy.

My ami buggy 2

In May, Citroën continued to develop its range with the launch of a new version of the Ami buggy. This new version was launched on the first day of summer, with 1,000 units sold in 9 countries, including France, where 300 units were sold.

This second series is even more inspired by the first concept presented in 2021, taking up the bag attached to the steering wheel, suspended here by straps. My Ami Buggy is also equipped with a new roof element that makes it easier to stretch the canopy and gives Ami a visor effect on the windscreen, reinforcing its adventurous look.

Finally, Citroën has taken care to develop the versatility of its little buggy by adding transparent covers to protect it from the cold and rain, with new door frames.

C4 Cactus restyled

Although the brand presented the new C3 Aircross, it did not forget the C4 Cactus, which benefits from an update in Latin America that will allow it to start the second part of its career with the firm intention of continuing its good performance, especially in Argentina, where it will be the best-selling B-segment SUV from 2021.

The brand's small SUV thus continues its career with a very slightly redesigned version on the inside, notably with a revised centre console that includes a telephone cable holder for rear-seat passengers inspired by the C3.

Presented in Argentina with a new Feel finish, the C4 Cactus has some aesthetic differences, including the new Artense grey colour, previously only available on the X-series special edition, and a new orange colour that can be seen on the fog lights and air bumps, as well as on the new decals applied to the rear quarter or the tailgate.

The new C4 Cactus will be presented later in other finishes with other novelties whose rumours announce the arrival of a new touch screen, taken from the C3, for high finishes.


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