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New features for Passionnément Citroën

Hello everyone,

For more than 6 years now, Passionnément Citroën has been trying to bring worldwide news about the brand to as many people as possible. Month after month, more and more of you are following the site and I thank you for that.

I have announced some new features and it is time to explain them. First of all, I would like to say that I intend to maintain the news section of the site, but also to strengthen the sharing of passion for Citroën, passion in all its forms. I also want Passionnément Citroën to become a place for sharing and exchange, a real community around Citroën and its cars. The aim is to reach out to everyone, but also to share our common love of the brand.

I also offer you the following new features:

A. Creation of the Citroënist texts

The best people to talk about Citroën are undoubtedly its customers and enthusiasts. I therefore propose the creation of a Citroënist section, inspired by the "My Citroën by..." section proposed in the Passionnément Citroën magazine. This new section will be published on the website, but also on the site's social networks, to which I invite you to subscribe.

The idea of "Paroles de Citroënist" is to give you the words to tell us what you like about Citroën or your current vehicle. The pace at which this new section will be distributed will be determined, but it seemed important to me to give you the opportunity to share your passion for Citroën. It could be the story of your holiday, as I read in some comments, an adventure you had with your car, or even the place that Citroën occupies in your life.

B. The history of the brand

We are all passionate about Citroën and its rich history with so many legendary vehicles is an incredible source of inspiration. When old Citroëns are highlighted in magazines, they are not highlighted enough on the website, even if there is a section dedicated to them.

I also want to highlight all the brand's models, but in a slightly different way. The idea is not to create a virtual museum or to tell the detailed history of each model, the Internet is full of such initiatives, but I propose to focus on two points: the restomod and the retrofit. The automotive industry is evolving and electrification is going to disrupt the industry, but also the old industry with the numerous traffic restrictions that are gradually being introduced. The idea is therefore to look at the brand's old models through the prism of Retrofit, which means electrifying them, and Restomod, which means improving them using current techniques.

And I'm counting on you to tell me about your cars, to tell me about owners of old Citroëns who want to share their passion and history with the brand and who may have undergone restomod or retrofit.

C. Space for creativity

I also propose that Passionnément Citroën become a space for creativity around Citroën, with the desire to offer illustrations, based on current models or entirely invented, which show what we expect from a Citroën car or, more simply, what we would like or wish for. In this respect, you will soon find a series of illustrations based on the C4, which will offer new body variants, some of them very elegant.

On a regular basis, you can also offer us versions or models and we will take care of the illustrations.

D. Creation of the Passionnément Citroën Club

The announcement is a little premature, but I want to create a Passionnément Citroën Club, which will not be a club like the thousands that exist for Citroën in France and around the world. The idea is to bring together a community of passionate Citroën enthusiasts who, for an annual fee, will benefit from

- all annual magazines

- Discounts with partners close to Citroën

- An annual meeting

It's too early to tell you everything and I'm still working on this idea, but with the Club, as with the other new features, I want Passionnément Citroën to become a community that shares the same passion for the brand.

Finally, these new features are my way of thanking you for your loyalty, with the wish that we become a real community, rich in a passion for Citroën that will undoubtedly grow with time. Count on me to bring you more new products and to let you experience the passion for Citroën in a different way, and I will meet you very soon for an exceptional event around the future C3, which will allow you to see it exclusively.

Do not hesitate to send me your opinions and suggestions in the comments section, I am counting on you so that our shared passion grows and we can share it together.

See you soon,


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