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New Citroën C5 Aircross 2025: 100% electric and even more comfortable

Sketch of the 2022 Citroën C5 Aircross

The Citroën C5 Aircross has already been on the European market for more than 5 years and 2024 will be its last full year on the market as its replacement is scheduled for 2025. The one we know as the CR3 will still be assembled at the Rennes plant in France and should bring solid changes compared to the current generation. An overview of what the brand is preparing for us for this second generation of the C5 Aircross.

Launched in Europe in 2018, the Citroën C5 Aircross has managed to find its place in a market segment where competition is fierce. Manhandled by the Covid period and the production difficulties that followed, the C5 Aircross was able to renew itself with a particularly successful restyling that allowed it to relaunch its career, helped by the addition of a new 48-volt hybrid engine. 136 horsepower, which should be its greatest asset in 2024.

However, Citroën is actively working on the second generation, which will be launched in 2025 and will offer many new features compared to the current model. On the technical side, the future C5 Aircross will be the first Citroën to benefit from the new Stellantis platforms, namely the STLA Medium, recently introduced in the new Peugeot 3008, which will allow the large SUV with its chevrons to offer an electric version with solid arguments.

Electric for ambition

The new C5 Aircross is first and foremost an electric car, in line with Europe's commitment to the energy revolution. It will therefore enable Citroën to offer a 100% electric version of its entire range by 2025, with the exception of the C5 X, and will reflect the new ambitions of Stellantis in the field of electric vehicles.

If we look at the new Peugeot 3008, which will be the basis of the future C5 Aircross, the second generation of Citroën's large SUV should benefit from a 210 hp engine, but above all from a large battery that should allow it to have a greater autonomy. of 500 kilometres, which is a real plus for long motorway journeys.

However, like its Lion cousin, the future C5 Aircross should continue to offer a 48-volt hybrid version, but could also offer a redesigned plug-in hybrid version with around 200 bhp and an enlarged battery to give a range of around 100 km. Hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric, the future C5 Aircross should therefore offer consumers a wide choice so that they can have the engine best suited to their needs and at the same time the most efficient in terms of CO2 emissions.

A true Citroën

It is still too early to talk about the style of the new C5 Aircross, which is still in the final stages of development, but the brand should follow the trends observed on the new C3, which looks like a smaller C5 Aircross from certain angles.

It seems that Citroën has opted for a link between the two generations, and rightly so, since the current C5 Aircross is a success, even if the design is very different.

In a group as large as Stellantis, we might fear that Citroën would lose its identity, but on the contrary, this new C5 Aircross should offer a style in line with what we expect from a real Citroën, namely different and original, especially at the rear where it seems the brand manages to surprise.

Inside, too, it is too early to talk about it, but the future C5 Aircross will be a real Citroën, with first-class comfort in a cabin that the brand would have wanted as an additional part of the house. On the programme are redesigned seats, which should retain the Advanced Comfort technology and be even more comfortable than the current ones.

On the multimedia side, we should find an enlarged touch screen with a modernised multimedia system whose design seems original and different.

In conclusion, the future C5 Aircross should mark a second step in Citroën's new strategy of being a popular brand that is close to the people but also daring. In this respect, this second generation, due in 2025, should be different, as only Citroën can do, but still comfortable, electric, well-equipped and accessible, as the brand began to offer with the new C3.

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