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New Citroën C4 2027: a reinvention inspired by the Oli concept?

The Citroën oli concept of 2022

In September 2022, to inaugurate the brand's new stylistic language and logo, Citroën threw down the gauntlet with the oli concept, which once again showed a different approach to the car, an approach based on accessibility and sustainability, while underlining the audacity that still characterises the brand. With its radical and innovative approach, the oli concept has left such a mark that Citroën plans to translate this vision into a production model that will make sustainable mobility accessible to all.

In fact, recent comments made by Pierre Leclercq to the English magazine Autocar indicate that the brand does indeed intend to produce a production version of the Oli concept: "We are going to put a car on the road that is very close to the 'Oli', underlining the brand's commitment to incorporating the revolutionary design principles of the concept.

The Oli concept was not just an exercise in style. Pierre Leclercq explained that the new C3 city car and the C3 Aircross were designed in parallel with the Oli, and that the latter "will influence another car that will come later, and it will be quite exceptional". The development of the oli concept was carried out with a clear production intention, even if certain elements will not reach the final stage: "When we developed this concept, there was no idea that we did not want to put into production," adds Pierre Leclercq. Although some aspects of the Oli are not compatible with a production car, the philosophy behind this concept remains focused on functionality, innovation and affordability for mobility for all.

An innovative platform for a new era

For the production version of the oli concept, Citroën will naturally rely on the STLA Smart platform, which is used on the new C3 and C3 Aircross and which allows them to offer aggressive prices. Focusing on value and efficiency, this flexible platform allows for a wide variety of vehicle designs and sizes. Citroën CEO Thierry Koskas was enthusiastic about the possibilities offered by this platform: "We are not yet at the end of our efforts to develop the STLA Smart platform. There will be other cars based on this platform. "This commitment points to a promising future for the Citroën range, with new models to fill the gap between the C3 Aircross and the new-generation C5 Aircross SUV.

The desire to offer a production version of the oli concept demonstrates Citroën's commitment to offering affordable and practical vehicles adapted to the needs of modern mobility.

Laurence Hansen, Citroën's product manager, said that the ideas of the oli concept might not be fully realised in the brand's range until 2026 or 2027, due to the typical five-year development cycle. This suggests that the production version of the oli concept could be the replacement for the third generation C4, whose restyling will be unveiled in a few weeks' time and which will thus begin the second part of its career. However, this hypothesis, which can be attractive, is not completely fixed as the compact sedan segment is evolving with a massive shift in purchases towards SUVs in the B-segment, which will inevitably lead to manufacturers making choices, some even seeming to give up on offering compact sedans. The new C3 Aircross, with a similar length and wheelbase, will inevitably compete with the C4, forcing Citroën to change its concept for the future fourth generation of its compact sedan. Will it be with this production version of the Oli concept? Or will this future production version be a complement to the range? I will give you some answers in a few weeks.

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