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New Citroën C3 Aircross: the coupé surprises the testers once again

The new Citroën C3 Aircross seen in profile with an imposing rear camouflage

We have known for some time that Citroën is working on a coupé version of the new C3 Aircross, which will be the third vehicle in the C-Cubed programme designed for India and Latin America. This new car, codenamed CC22, has just been surprised on the roads of Northern Europe to continue its extreme cold tests.

Citroën goes to great lengths to keep the rear of this CC22 as hidden as possible, so that we don't know what it could be. However, the various prototypes discovered during tests in India and Brazil or, as here, in Europe, have revealed the secret of what Citroën is trying to hide. This is not the case with the prototypes we are about to see, which have an imposing camouflage that could almost make them look like ordinary C3 Aircrosses, while certain details such as the lights clearly show us that we are dealing with the CC22.

It is accompanied by its brother C3 Aircross recently launched in India and Brazil that the CC22 is carrying out development tests in extreme cold, the opportunity to see that it shares many elements in common, including the entire go forward to pillar B, therefore including the front doors. It is from these that the differences emerge, with a gently sloping roof up to the tailgate, which will create a more dynamic SUV coupé line. Obviously, with this camouflage, it is difficult to have a precise idea of the rear lines of this future C3 Aircross coupé, but that is not the most important thing, you will know them with the illustrations that we have been able to produce. A detail can be seen in these photos, a simple detail but one that says a lot about the direction taken by this future CC22 and which could even mark a certain turning point for Citroën in its products destined for India and South America.

This detail concerns the rear lights, which are still heavily camouflaged in these photos, but which quickly reveal the two horizontal bars of the brand's new visual signature, which can be seen at the front and rear of all models. These two horizontal bars have a very different light treatment to those of the C3 Aircross, which is also tested in these photos, allowing us to show a clear difference between the two. The CC22, or future C3 Aircross coupé, has a much finer taillight design than the C3 Aircross, much more elaborate, tapered and probably LED, while the C3 Aircross has much larger taillights with clearly visible bulbs. A difference in the treatment of the rear that could signal Citroën's desire for a more refined, more elaborate design.

We still have to wait a few months to discover this future CC22 which, it seems, has been delayed by Citroën precisely to give it more care, more equipment and to offer a more upmarket vehicle than the C3 and C3 Aircross currently on sale in India and Latin America. Nevertheless, the C3 Aircross coupé continues its tests, giving us the opportunity to learn more about its design as its imposing rear camouflage fades.

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