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New Citroën C3 Aircross: See you tomorrow, 27 April at 14:30.

Première photo du nouveau Citroën C3 Aircross qui va être commercialisé en Inde et en Amérique Latine.

After long months of waiting, Citroën is preparing to unveil the second generation of the C3 Aircross, which will have the heavy task of helping to develop the brand's international sales. Designed and produced in India and Brazil, this second generation will enter a highly competitive segment, but the C3 Aircross is not without qualities.

Tomorrow, Thursday 27th April 2023 at 14:30, Citroën will lift the veil on this new C3 Aircross whose differences with the C3 are much greater than expected. To make us wait until tomorrow, Citroën unveils a first photo of the C3 Aircross which shows the extent of the changes.

Come back tomorrow at 14:30 to discover all the information and photos of this new C3 Aircross, which will be the star of the next issue of our magazine, to be published in a few days' time.

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