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New Citroën C3 Aircross coupé: discover the engines exclusively in Brazil

An illustration of the new Citroën C3 Aircross coupe

If Citroën will be very busy in Europe with the new C3 and the replacement of the C3 Aircross, 2024 will mark a new stage for the brand in the C-Cubed project with the presentation of the third vehicle in the programme. Known as the CC22, it will be a 5-seat coupé version of the C3 Aircross, with a more upmarket positioning, according to the latest engine information.

Indeed, while the C3 is offered with engines of reasonable power and the current C3 Aircross is only offered with a 130 bhp petrol engine, the next C3 Aircross coupe could use two engines with relatively high power. important, especially on the most high-end version.

The next C3 Aircross coupé, which we do not know what name it will take officially, should therefore offer the same 1.0 Turbo 130 hp petrol engine as the C3 Aircross, but a second engine could be offered on the most high-end versions. . According to the latest information, this new C3 Aircross will be powered by a 1.3 Turbo Flex T270 engine, still from FCA, but with an output of around 180 bhp, a considerable amount of power that should allow it to display remarkable performance. We do not yet know with which transmission this engine will be paired, but all indications are that it will use the automatic CVT of the C3 Aircross with 7 virtual speeds.

The future Citroën C3 Aircross coupe from the rear

This new C3 Aircross coupé will therefore be very close to the brand's latest compact SUV in terms of aesthetics, since it will adopt the entire front section, including the front doors, to offer a very different rear style. However, the shield has been redesigned to offer a better angle of attack, thus optimising the off-road capabilities of this first SUV coupé from the brand.

Inside, the new C3 Aircross Coupé will also take over the entire interior of the C3 Aircross, but here in a strict 5-seater version and undoubtedly the materials will be different, especially on the higher versions, to display a more dynamic side. well in phase with the engine power.

Of course, this new C3 Aircross coupé is still very camouflaged, especially at the rear, as Citroën wants to fool the public into thinking it is a classic SUV. But these latest photos reveal the rear lights of this new SUV coupé, which confirm a completely different design to that of the C3 Aircross and much more careful and worked out, a bit as if Citroën was trying to erase the overly basic style of the C3, starting with the C3 Aircross, to bring it closer to the European design practised by the brand. The presentation of this C3 Aircross coupé should take place in the first half of the year for marketing after the start of the school year, with production due to start in August at the Brazilian plant in Porto Real.

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