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New Citroën Ami 2024: orders open for the new collection

The new Citroën Ami 2024 in its Pep's version

Four years after its launch, the Citroën Ami continues to conquer the market with more than 50,000 units sold to date. The brand's little chip, emblematic of Citroën's boldness and innovation, is characterised by its simplicity and unique design. To celebrate this anniversary, Citroën has unveiled a new colour for the Ami and opened orders for this new version.

An elegant new colour: Night Sepia

Citroën recently surprised us by introducing a new body colour for the Ami, called Night Sepia. A shade of dark brown between brown and grey, it adds depth and quality to the car. According to the brand, this darker colour plays on warm and natural tones, creating an atmosphere that is both elegant and relaxed. Versatile, it goes perfectly with the different colour options and stickers available for Ami. Night Sepia can be used to create a sophisticated or relaxed style, depending on the combinations chosen.

A few weeks after this announcement, Citroën started taking orders for Ami Night Sepia, which also marks the introduction of the new Pep's version. Replacing the old Pop and Tonic versions, the Pep's version gives Ami a more dynamic look with bright colours such as acid yellow and infrared red, Citroën's signature colour. This playful and contrasting approach gives Ami a touch of urban adventurer.

Open orders with a surprise

At the beginning of June, Citroën opened orders for the new Ami 2024 with a surprise: for a limited period, customers can choose between two body colours. In addition to the new Night Sepia colour, customers can choose the original grey and blue colour, called Blue Collection, at no extra cost. This is the first time that the Citroën Ami has been offered in two different colours at the same price, giving customers more choice, even if only for a limited time.

The Citroën Ami range still includes the basic Ami Ami, the My Ami Color versions (orange, blue, grey) and the new My Ami Pep's. Note that the Pep's version is only available in Night Sepia, while the old Tonic version is only available in Grey-Blue.

Here are the prices of the different versions of the Citroën Ami for 2024:

  • Ami ami €7,990

  • My Ami Color: €8,390

  • My Ami Pep's: €8,990

With more than 50,000 units sold since its launch, the Citroën Ami has established itself as a real success, surprising both enthusiasts and observers of the automotive industry. For 2024, Citroën is offering two body colours for a limited time before the new Night Sepia colour becomes standard. Elegant and refined, this new colour should enable the Citroën Ami to continue on its road to success.


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