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New Citroën Jumper 2024 - an extended electric range

The new Citroën Jumper 2024 seen from the front with its new grille

Following on from the Berlingo Van and the Jumpy, the brand's large van has undergone a restyling designed to integrate it more closely into the range by adopting the new logo, but also to strengthen its technologies, in particular with the introduction of a new electric motor-battery assembly that finally gives the brand's large van a decent autonomy capable of consolidating its lead.

With a payload of up to 2 tonnes, the Citroën Jumper is the family mover. For this restyling, the brand wanted to revise its style, increase its technological offer and renew its engines, which are even more efficient.

Assertive style and easy driving

Citroën revises the front of the Jumper with a new badge and a revised grille, now in the colour of the bodywork, on which the chevrons are engraved with the brand's new logo in the centre, verticalised. The headlights do not change their external design, but they do change their technology by using LED modules with a 30% increase in efficiency compared to the previous ones. The exterior restyling continues with the introduction of new mirrors and rear lights with a unique design.

The Citroën Jumper 2024 receives a new dashboard

As usual, the most significant changes are on the inside, with a revised dashboard that focuses on practicality and ergonomics in a more elegant and modern style. The instrument panel is now digital (optional) and 7 inches wide, while the standard 5-inch screen can be enlarged to 10 inches with the new Stellantis multimedia system.

The dashboard has been updated with a new steering wheel, new transmission controls and new door panels. Finally, the equipment is more modern, with a digital central rear-view mirror that allows you to see through the bodywork, an electric parking brake, a 360° parking radar, an induction charger for smartphones, while the power steering goes electric for smoother driving, completed by new aids (Fatigue Alert, Sign Recognition or Highway Driver Assist, etc.).

An electric offer that finally lives up to expectations

This restyling is also the occasion for the Jumper to receive a new electric motor much more suited to its capabilities, coupled with a battery that finally offers decent autonomy. The engine has a power of 270 hp compared to 122 previously, while the battery has a capacity of 100 kW (37 or 70 before restyling) for an increased range of 420 km. Three driving modes are offered to adapt the engine power according to the use and to improve the autonomy, especially since the new Jumper also gets an energy recovery adjustment on 4 levels.

For those for whom the electric range is not enough, Citroën offers a new HDi engine in this new Jumper with three power levels (120, 140 and 180 hp), which for the first time can be combined with an automatic transmission. 8-speed gearbox (on HDi 140 and 180).

Citroën's new utility range with the Berlingo Van, Jumpy and Jumper 2024

The new Jumper completes a completely revised range of Citroën commercial vehicles with new weapons to underline its success and attract new customers. The Jumper has been redesigned to fit in better with the range, but above all it has been given an electric offer that is finally up to its capabilities, which should further improve its performance in this important market segment where the Stellantis group and Citroën are leaders.

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