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New Citroën C4: preview of the redesigned version

La nouvelle Citroën C4 2024 en test sur la route

Almost four years have passed since the third generation of the Citroën C4 was presented, so it is only natural that the redesigned version is getting closer. The latter was surprised for the first time during the bridge test, which allowed us to see the changes made to the C4 by the Chevrolet brand.

Presented in June 2020, the third generation of the Citroën C4 surprised the world with a concept halfway between a sedan and an SUV, borrowing from the latter large wheels and increased ground clearance to offer a unique stance in its segment. . 2024 marks the year of change for the C4, which will benefit from a fairly significant restyling, the first images of prototypes of which have been revealed.

It was in the form of a C4X, the 4-door version of the C4, that the restyling was seen, showing the extent of the modifications carried out mainly at the front. The bonnet, headlights and front grille all change on the C4, which abandons the double-stage headlights to adopt a different look, more rebellious, more dynamic. Of course, the restyling is very well camouflaged, which limits the observations, but the changes made are so numerous that the C4 could make you think of a completely new car.

In these photos, therefore, it is the C4X that surprises the testers with a light camouflage on the rear, which, apart from a new logo, should not have undergone any major changes. It is on the 5-door C4 that the changes at the rear will be more significant, mainly on the lights, which will be different.

The redesigned C4 will be unveiled in the second half of the year and will be launched at the end of the year, so there is still a long way to go before we learn more about the changes the brand is preparing for its compact saloon. However, thanks to our exclusive images published a few months ago, you already had a clear indication of this restyled C4, I am sharing with you the latest image, which will soon be updated, with, for the first time, a fairly precise idea of what Citroën is preparing for the rear of the C4.

Une illustration de la nouvelle Citroën C4 2024

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"which allowed us to see the changes made to the C4 by the Chevrolet brand"

I didn´t know Chevrolet is making new Citroens 🤣

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