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New Citroën C3 Aircross: discover its surprising range name

The new Citroën C3 Aircross in Plus finish in Brazil

Arriving on the Indian market just three weeks ago, the new Citroën C3 Aircross is preparing to be marketed in Brazil where the core market version has just been caught testing. This version, called Feel Pack, which could change its name before being marketed, allows us to know more about the style of this C3 Aircross with a peculiarity of the range not yet present in India.

If the C3 Aircross sold in India will use the new finishes in Europe, namely You, Plus and Max, the version sold in Brazil, which is the subject of this article, could, according to the latest rumours in Brazil, retain the old finishes, namely Live, Feel and Shine. In the illustration of the article, it is the finish of the core range that is shown, which corresponds to the Feel Pack finish, since the Brazilian range should consist of the Feel, Feel Pack and Shine finishes, unless Citroën decides to harmonise its finishes with the new European names, which would be logical and which would mean that we are looking at the Plus finish.

The Plus version differs from the Feel or You version in that it has 16-inch alloy wheels, a roof rack and door handles in the same colour as the body, all of which are absent from the entry-level version, which has steel wheels with 16-inch hubcaps.

In terms of equipment, this mid-range version should offer the most complete equipment with air conditioning, 7-inch digital instrument panel, power steering, electric windows and door locks, 10.1″ multimedia screen, as well as four airbags, ESP, Hill Start Assist, etc.

But one of the special features of the new C3 Aircross is the 7-seater version, which makes it almost unique on the Brazilian market. And Citroën intends to highlight this, as evidenced by another photo of the C3 Aircross, which shows that the 7-seater version should be distinguished from the others by a small "7" attached to the name of the brand's latest SUV on the tailgate, specific to Brazil as the versions marketed in India do not have it.

The number 7 is clearly visible on the tailgate next to the C3 Aircross, a number that could also be in a different shade of red, the brand's new signature colour. This would allow a slight differentiation between the 5-seater and 7-seater versions, which share the same body and are therefore difficult to distinguish without getting inside. The number 7 on the tailgate also shows that Citroën intends to capitalise on this version, as the C3 Aircross will be the only compact SUV to offer such a version, alongside the Chevrolet Spin, which is more of an MPV. The brand therefore has a great opportunity in Latin America and intends to use it to increase its market share.

A few weeks before the launch of the new C3 Aircross in Brazil, the final details of the range of this new SUV with strong ambitions, which should allow Citroën to increase its sales, are beginning to emerge. The range will therefore be made up of three versions, whose names are yet to be confirmed, which could be "shared" with the 7-seater versions on which the brand intends to capitalise. This will continue in the coming weeks with the launch of the new C3 Aircross in Brazil, which will arrive at the end of November.

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