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New Citroën Berlingo 2024: more comfort and technology

The new Citroën Berlingo 2024 from three quarter front

The Berlingo has been a real success for Citroën since the launch of the first generation in 1996, a success from which the current generation has not deviated, regularly appearing on the sales podium in Europe since its launch in 2018. Following the launch of the Utility version at the end of October, it is now the turn of this VP version to be restyled, making the Berlingo the second vehicle in the range to receive the brand's new style and logo.

A transformed front

As the first photos revealed, the front of the new Berlingo has been radically transformed by this restyling, with completely new headlights and bumper.

The new Citroën style, which was introduced on the new C3 production model, arrives on the Berlingo with brand new headlights, which take the exact shape of those on the C3 and return to a single block. The new headlamps have the visual signature inspired by the Oli concept: two horizontal LED bars and a vertical LED bar, a signature that gives the new Berlingo a distinctive and technological look. The headlights are joined by a black grille formed by Citroën chevrons, just like on the latest C3, with the brand's new logo at the centre in a more vertical position.

The new Citroën Berlingo 2024 with a completely new front end

The new badge is much more elaborate than the old one and plays with horizontality, with an air vent under the logo and another at the bottom of the badge, both made up of horizontal stripes to visually widen the Berlingo. The only hint of verticality on this new badge are the red infrared stickers placed near the fog lights.

Overall, this new front end is much more dynamic and elaborate than the previous one, which was very soft; the style is much more assertive and gives the Berlingo a real boost.

The rest of the exterior changes are quite limited, which is normal for a restyling. However, the black stickers on the windscreen pillars have been removed and the side skirts have been smoothed out and no longer have the air intakes. These side skirts also receive two discreet touches of infrared colour.

Finally, the new Berlingo 2024 is available in five body colours, including two new ones, Kiama Blue and Sirkka Green, which join the classic Kaolin White, Perla Nera Black and Steel Grey.

The new Citroën Berlingo 2024 has a new dashboard

A more modern and comfortable interior

As part of the restyling, the interior of the Berlingo has also undergone some changes, with a slightly revised dashboard, the main changes being to the multimedia system.

Two systems are available:

  • The new My Citroën Play, which combines a 10-inch infotainment screen with a black and white screen in the instrument cluster. This system allows you to listen to the radio, manage your phone or the car's functions. It offers a wireless smartphone replication function compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Ergonomically designed, it also allows you to view the rear view camera.

  • The new My Citroën Drive Plus, still associated with a 10" screen, but now in high definition. Inspired by smartphones, this system, now well known at Citroën, consists of widgetized menus. It can also be controlled by voice and is linked to an instrument cluster screen, this time in colour, which can be personalised and displays both driving and navigation information.

The interior is completed by a brand new steering wheel with a less rounded shape and new features borrowed from the C4. Above all, this restyling allows the new Berlingo to be fitted with Advanced Comfort seats, only on the front seats, which offer passengers optimum comfort thanks to their double foam, one of which is very soft. Their new shape also increases lateral support, which was lacking in the previous version, while the upholstery is a mix of three colours, including a U-shaped one using the brand's signature red.

The new Citroën Berlingo 2024 receives new seats

More modern and more comfortable, the Berlingo 2024 retains the assets that made it a success: excellent living space, modularity and unparalleled practicality, thanks in particular to the excellent Modutop system. The Berlingo has up to 27 storage compartments in the cabin with a total volume of 186 litres.

Always 100% electric

Only available in Europe in a 100% electric version from January 2022, the redesigned Berlingo retains its single engine and therefore still ignores thermal engines, even slightly hybridised.

The new Berlingo also retains the previous electric motor with 136 hp in Sport mode, which it combines with a new battery of the same capacity but with new technology. Like the new C3, Citroën has equipped the new Berlingo with an LFP battery, which is cheaper and more resistant to temperature changes. The autonomy takes a leap with a gain of 20% to bring it to 320 kilometres, autonomy that can be better managed thanks to the adoption, finally, of the management of the level of battery recovery by pallets located behind the steering wheel. Finally, a new heat pump is now available as an option, making it possible to

heating the cabin without using battery energy, thus preserving the Berlingo's autonomy, which is strongly influenced by its unfavourable aerodynamics.

The latter retains its advantages, namely recharging in 30 minutes (from 20 to 80% of the battery) on fast terminals (up to 100kW), but is now accompanied by the ë-Routes application, which becomes a real driving assistant and allows you to plan long routes without stress.

Outside Europe, the new Berlingo will continue to be offered with a wide range of engines, including three BlueHDi 90, 100 and 130 hp diesel engines and two PureTech 110 and 130 hp diesel engines.

and two PureTech 110 and 130 hp petrol engines, as well as the 100% electric version.

To sum up, Citroën has refreshed the Berlingo with an effective restyling that gives it a more refined and dynamic style, eliminating the previous version's somewhat soft look. More stylish, the Berlingo is also more comfortable and modern, with significant changes to the interior. Although it retains its electric motor for Europe, it gains autonomy thanks to new battery technology. Thus armed, the new Berlingo strengthens these weapons to face the competition that has increased since its launch in 2018, while retaining the assets that have made it a success: unparalleled livability, modularity and practicality.

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