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June 2023 review - ITALY car market

Another month of growth for the Italian car market, the tenth in a row, but the rate of increase is slowing down as the basis for comparison with last year, when the shortage of components was particularly virulent, fades. In June, 138,927 units were sold in Italy, an increase of 9.2% over the previous year.

In this context, sales of the

  • ALFA ROMEO, up 110.53% to 3,019 units for a market share of 2.17

  • CITROËN were down 29.70% to 4,147 units, giving a market share of 2.99%.

  • DS were up 4.44% to 682 units for a market share of 0.49%.

  • FIAT fell 22.59% to 13,012 units, giving a market share of 9.37%.

  • JEEP were up 21.12% to 6,206 units for a market share of 4.47%.

  • LANCIA were up 16.90% to 4,345 units for a market share of 3.13%.

  • MASERATI 475 units

  • OPEL fell 23.68% to 3,989 units, giving a market share of 2.87%.

  • PEUGEOT are down 20.68% to 7,583 units for a market share of 5.46%.

Overall, Stellantis' sales fell by 10.76% to 43,458 units, giving it a market share of 31.28%. The group remains very, very large leader of the Italian market, ahead of the Volkswagen group by more than 14 points of market share, but some signs of concern may emerge, particularly concerning Fiat which, after having reached a low point in May, repeated and accentuated its losses in June, falling to 9.37% of the market.

In terms of models, the C3 is making a comeback after experiencing major difficulties in April and May, although it remains in sharp decline in June. Indeed, with 2,318 units sold, it is in 11th place in terms of sales and third in its segment, although its sales are down 30.74% compared to June 2022. The C3 Aircross is Citroën's second bestseller, but with only 878 units sold, it is down 18.6% compared to last year and far behind its French competitors. The C4, on the other hand, is in 7th place in its segment with 324 units, its sales are up 19.34%, but above all it is ahead of the Peugeot 308 or the DS 4, and it is also the first French compact saloon.

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