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January 2023 review - BRAZIL car market

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With 103,872 units sold, the Brazilian automotive market recorded an increase of 12.65% compared to the same period last year and therefore starts well in 2023, which could be a good year in Brazil, especially as commercial vehicles also see their sales increase.v

In this context, sales by

  • CITROËN fell by 23.77% to 1,741 units, for a market share of 1.68%.

  • FIAT, up 45.56% to 16,716 units for a market share of 16.09%.

  • JEEP fell 25.07% to 8,506 units, giving a market share of 8.19%.

  • PEUGEOT fell by 60.91% to 1,420 units for a market share of 1.37%.

In total, Stellantis sales are 28,383 units, down 1.28% for a market share of 27.32%. v

On the model side, the C3 is Citroën's best-seller with 1,488 units, 6th in its segment with 5.91% market share and 25th in overall sales. Citroën's decline is due to the C4 Cactus, which literally collapsed with only 253 units or 0.54% of the segment. This drop in sales is linked to a new range being launched in Brazil, which is disrupting production and should be resolved in the coming weeks.

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