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Is Citroën leaving Europe?

The new Citroën C3 Aircross for India and Latin America seen from three quarters ahead

New C3, new C3 Aircross, all kinds of developments, Citroën has been hyperactive for several months outside Europe, where it is pursuing a strategy aimed at developing its international sales in order to be more solid and less dependent on a European Union condemned to sluggish growth at best and serious decline at worst.

Since September 2022, Citroën has thus been very busy and has multiplied its announcements outside Europe, so much so that it is legitimate to ask the question: is Citroën abandoning Europe? At first glance, it does indeed seem that the resources are being deployed on the international stage, where the news is heavy, to the detriment of the European countries, where the news is, on the contrary, particularly light, with the presentation of the C4 X and the restyling of the C5 Aircross in a year and a half.

However, even if Europe still accounts for more than 80% of Citroën's sales, the brand is not forgetting its main market and recent announcements have been relatively numerous, especially since the beginning of the year. 2023. Two-tone roof and new multimedia system on C4, new 180 plug-in hybrid engine on C5 Aircross and C5 X, substantial discount on electric C4 with the arrival of the new engine on the Shine, second series of My Friend Buggy, l The news of the brand has been continuous during this first semester, even if, in fact, the announcement of a new model is still pending.

What if we had eaten our black bread? Obviously, Citroën's news will be much busier in the second half of the year, if only for the presentation of the long-awaited new C3, which will be THE big event for the brand and which will put an end to the persistent rumours of low-cost with style and particularly interesting services and of which you will discover illustrations as close to reality as possible in a few days.

This new C3 will mark the return of Citroën news in Europe with the beginnings of a very busy year 2024 which will see strong product news (new C3, new C3 Aircross, C4 and Berlingo restyled in particular) but also a brand that shows much more combative and whose changes will be numerous in particular on the communication where Citroën should find its hard-hitting, disruptive accents without going so far as to find the mythical pubs of the 80s, but the tone should surprise and the new Ami Buggy pubs give it an overview.

So no, Citroën has not abandoned Europe in favour of other regions, but in a context where production was limited to the availability of parts and where Stellantis, like many other manufacturers, preferred the margin to the volume, Citroën has slightly slowed down its pace in Europe, not knowing how to produce more for the benefit of the international market, where the success of its establishment is great to ensure the survival of the brand in a context where competition is increasingly strong with a number of new manufacturers, particularly Chinese, with excessive ambitions and means.

The change will take place from September, when Citroën will prepare the launch of the new C3 before its presentation in October and its marketing from the beginning of 2024, before quickly moving on to the new C3 Aircross, so that 2024 and the following years will be loaded in Europe, but also internationally, leaving exciting exchanges in perspective to perpetuate the passion for our beautiful brand.


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