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Future DS 8: the first surprise

The new DS 8 begins its road tests

The car that will usher in a new era of DS automobiles has just been unveiled for the first time during the first development tests ahead of its launch in the coming months. These first photos do not allow us to see many details, but they do give us the first confirmations.

It's a nice shot taken by a reader of the new motorist, who took the first photo of this future DS 8, which will become the new standard bearer of DS, replacing the DS 9. These first two photos, taken from a distance, obviously give no indication of the style of the car, but they do allow us to note that this future DS 8, which would not be the entirely correct name, will indeed be a large saloon and not a coupé SUV. Although it will be relatively tall, it will retain the dimensions of a large saloon, completely different from the style of the SUV coupé.

Based on the STLA Medium platform recently launched by the new Peugeot 3008, this new DS 8 will therefore be the first car of the new era that DS automobiles is taking, that of a 100% electric brand. We should therefore find the engine of the Peugeot 3008, i.e. 210 horsepower, but other powers should be offered with huge batteries allowing a range of more than 700 kilometres, which should really change the perception of the electric car and facilitate its adoption. In any case, this new DS 8 should also give DS cars a massive weapon to fight with the large high-end saloons of other brands, starting with an absolutely crazy exterior and interior style, cutting-edge technology and, always, a very specific atmosphere of the DS brand.

The new DS 8 surprise on the road for the first time

In conclusion, now that the car is on the road, we can expect new photos in the coming days or weeks that will perhaps give us more information. This next DS 8, which will soon be at the top of the DS range, also has an important role, identical to that of the first DS 7, which is to point the way to the new generation of DS, which is now 100% electric and which will continue to embody the French luxury that the brand wants to transfer to the car.


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