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Future DS 8: new photos reveal more

As I told you a few days ago, the development tests for the future DS automobiles large sedan have begun, and the first surprise photo was bound to lead to others. This is the case today with these photos, taken during very cold tests, which allow us to get a better idea of the style of the car.

This first image, which is much clearer than the last one, allows us to see that the future DS 8 obviously has nothing to do with an SUV coupé, but that it will be similar to a large saloon, as I have always told you. Of course, it is impossible to guess any styling details at this stage, as the car is heavily camouflaged, but these photos allow us to know more about the car's profile.

It is indeed a large sedan that DS automobiles is preparing for the coming months, a large sedan that will take the place of the DS 9 to embody the new high-end of DS automobiles and the new era that the brand is entering with the abandonment of thermal engines to offer only 100% electric cars.

We can therefore see in these photos a very slim profile for this future DS 8, with a roofline that dips gently towards the rear to form a small boot recess, a line designed to be aerodynamic to optimise the consumption of this large 100% electric saloon that will play in the backyard of Tesla or other Mercedes and BMWs. To this end, the future DS 8 will be able to count on large batteries made in France, at the ACC Billy Berclau factory in the north of France, which will allow it to travel more than 700 km between recharges. This careful aerodynamics gives it a different profile from the traditional large saloon, a profile that can be found on the Mercedes EQE or EQS, but here in a style that should be much less soft or round to adopt the much tighter lines, the The cutout of the rear door also gives a nice idea.

Now that the development tests of this future DS 8 have begun, we will not have to wait too long for new photos that should reveal more as the tests progress. In any case, this future DS 8 will be revealed soon, as its presentation should take place before or after the summer, and until then we are not safe from new information about this future high-end DS that embodies the new era of the brand.


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