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Future DS 8: a first image revealed?

A first image of the future DS 8

Surprised several times in tests during its development, the future DS saloon codenamed D85 has been unveiled in a video celebrating France and the French Stellantis brands on social networks. This first image seems to announce the front of the future DS 8, a front that contains a number of surprises and confirmations.

In a few weeks, DS will fully unveil its new large sedan, which will take the place of the dignified DS 9, whose production has just been discontinued. This new large sedan will open up a new path for DS by placing the brand in the energy transition, as from this launch, all future DS models will be fully electric. In addition to the engine, the future DS 8 will also inaugurate the new DS style, which begins to reveal itself with this first image. DS cars had indicated that future fronts would adopt the style of its E-Tense Performance concept, with V-shaped daytime running lights that descend to the bottom of the shield and very thin projectors, as well as an illuminated grille that highlights the brand's logo.

The DS E-Tense Performance concept
The DS E-Tense Performance concept

During the presentation of the DS ETense Performance concept, the brand announced that this concept "reveals clues about the style of future DS Automobiles creations, in particular through its front face", before adding a few lines later that "the front face unveils a new expression surface in place of the grille already mentioned by DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE, this treatment accompanies the DS Automobiles logo in a three-dimensional effect - like a window - with a specific welcome sequence".

And clearly, in what seems to be the first image of the future DS 8, since it does not correspond in any way to anything known, everything seems to correspond, including the LED daytime running lights that descend deep into the bumper and form a V, or again the very thin projectors, as well as this illuminated grille that could include an animation around the brand logo.

Although we do not notice anything specific in this first image, we can still notice that the future DS8, according to the latest photos from the development tests, will indeed be a large saloon that should exceed 4m80 but which, an electric car required, would be raised to offer a high driving position based on the concept initiated by Citroën on the third generation C4.

In conclusion, we will have to wait a few weeks, probably the month of September, to find out more about this future DS8, which will not be called that. It will represent the top of the DS range and will inaugurate a new era for the brand whose new stylistic language, which will undoubtedly be unprecedented, this first image gives a good foretaste.


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