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Future Citroëns up to 2024 - Part 1

Sketch of the new Citroën C3 Aircross, which will be one of the new Citroën models in 2024.

After a particularly quiet first half of 2023 in terms of new products, especially in Europe, the second half will be marked by the presentation of the fourth generation of the C3, which is so important for the future of the brand. This future C3 will open the door to 2024, which promises to be an exciting year for Citroën, with many new features to spice up the range.

The first novelty will be the launch of the new C3, which will go on sale in the early days of 2024, heralding a year that promises to be rich in novelties.

Restyled Berlingo:

Marketed since 2018, the third generation of the Citroën Berlingo will therefore go through the restyling box in 2024, which should be important given the need to place the brand's new logo on a front that still responds to the old stylistic codes.

A cousin of Peugeot, Opel and Fiat, the Citroën Berlingo should therefore see its changes focused on the front end, which should evolve considerably on this occasion with a brand new design. The headlights, grille and bumpers have been redesigned to offer a new style inspired by the latest Oli concept, but without being a copy-paste.

Inside, the redesigned Berlingo should get a larger infotainment screen, certainly around the 10-inch size that is becoming standard on the market. This screen will broadcast the new multimedia system and will be linked to a combination of digital instruments that currently equip the electric versions, the only engines to be marketed in Europe from the beginning of 2022.

More precisely, the restyling of the Berlingo will be the occasion to introduce the new eMotors engine developed by Stellantis and Nidec, offering increased power (156 hp) for a torque of 260 Nm, but above all a battery with revised chemistry and greater autonomy, which should allow it to exceed the 300 km mark. Will the Berlingo get the new 136 hp 1.2 hybrid engine? Nothing is less certain and, at the moment, the rumours proclaim two diametrically opposed pieces of information: ....

C4 restyled

4 years after its presentation and almost three and a half years after its launch, the Citroën C4 will also undergo a restyling which promises to be particularly significant.

Faced with the same problem as the Berlingo, the C4 will have to revise its entire front end to integrate the brand's new logo, which will require a new design for the headlights, which will abandon the famous Y, dear to Citroën since the CXpérience concept of 2016 and which, by disappearing, will draw a line under a stylistic trend of Citroën for 10 years.

The redesigned C4 should therefore rethink its entire front, including the bonnet, to offer a style that is a little wiser than the current one, putting an end to the projectors that are sometimes qualified as oversized. The new headlights will be thinner and will bear the brand's new visual signature, following a trend started by the restyling of the C5 Aircross, with the difference that the grille will bear the brand's new logo in a vertical position.

Obviously, the front end will see the bulk of the changes, but it is also possible that Citroën will modify the rear lights of the C4, which is not technical enough and which, with this restyling, should experience a more technical and higher design. range like the C4 X.

Finally, the interior should be partially revised, since the C4 already offers a 10-inch screen linked to the new multimedia system since the beginning of 2023, so nothing should change on this side. The brand could respond to the criticism of the 5-inch instrument cluster, considered too small by the press, and take the opportunity to increase the size, why not up to 7 inches?

In conclusion, 2024 will be a busy year for Citroën, with the first half dedicated to restyling, not to mention the new models to be offered internationally, which we will come back to later. These two restylings, accompanied by the new C3, will finally allow the brand's new logo to have a concrete impact on the design of the models in the range.

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