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Future Citroën C3: another surprise in the tests

The future Citroën C3 for Europe under camouflage seen from three quarter front

Three weeks before its presentation, the new Citroën C3 continues its tests, giving us the opportunity to see new photos that allow us to know more before its official presentation. A few days after the rear views, this time it is the front that is seen and which allows us to know a little more.

These latest photos therefore show the future C3 under a camouflage that is still thick, but which allows us to see some details, this time concerning the front, and which is important in that it inaugurates, for the first time on a production vehicle, the brand's new stylistic language. Citroën's new design, which was officially unveiled with the Oli concept, highlights the brand's new logo, which incorporates the oval features of the original logo, thus transforming the front end and putting an end to years of design based on chevrons that continue on the grille. Here, the Citroën logo would stand proudly alone with a black grille that would link it to the new headlights. The latter should take up the visual signature released by the Oli concept, namely two horizontal bars framing a vertical bar, but we see in these photos that the projector will be more elaborate than that.

The future Citroën C3 seen from the front

In fact, if we look at the thin horizontal LED bar on the top of the projector, we can see that it has three LED modules in a rather elaborate style, with a part that goes down vertically and which, in these photos, appears to be the flashing light. These photos also allow us to see an air intake under the logo and a herringbone grille without repeating the pattern found on the C3 Aircross or C5 X. Here the pattern seems closer to that of the C4.

Other information from these photos is the electric version, which surprised us during the tests, showing for the first time the place reserved for the charging hatch, which will therefore be on the left rear of the car and not on the right front wing as on the Indian version, which shows the extent of the changes made to our future C3 compared to the Indian or Brazilian version.

Finally, these two photos also allow us to see the very SUV adventurer effect of this future C3, which looks exactly like a small C5 Aircross, in which we seem to find the same chrome element around the rear door. The rather prominent roof bars of this future C3 clearly indicate that it will be an urban adventurer and that it will stand out from its direct competitors.

We also notice some details of the interior, especially this dashboard, which seems to be very horizontal and which houses the 10-inch screen of the multimedia system. We also see that the front seats seem to be in one piece, with headrests integrated into the backrest. Between now and the unveiling, more photos may appear, perhaps showing new details before the official presentation, which I will pass on to you in full.

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