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Future Citroën C3 Aircross: the exclusive photo that gives a taste of the next SUV

Citroën C3 Aircross: exclusive preview of the last photo before its official unveiling

A few days before its unveiling, which will take place on 27th April, the future Citroën C3 Aircross is continuing its development tests and has just been revealed in a new photo, a particularly interesting one that allows us to learn more about the brand's future urban SUV.

In this photo taken from a different angle, from above, we immediately notice that the future C3 Aircross is clearly an SUV of considerable size, with a real profile, almost of a mover. We notice very generous front fenders which seem to adopt a square profile, while the rear fenders take up the gouge effect present on the fenders of the Indian C3, an effect which extends over the entire rear fender and which joins the rear lights. which seem very consistent with a very square aspect also well in the inspiration of the Oli concept.

We also notice that the tailgate is equipped with a very large spoiler that lightens the line a little, as well as a tailgate window that extends over the rear wing to lighten the line there too. This C3 Aircross will also be fitted with larger wheels than those on the C3, which are limited to 15 inches and could go up to 17 inches on this C3 Aircross. In terms of profile, if the front doors are identical to those of the C3, the rear doors appear to be longer, with a glass shape very reminiscent of the C5 Aircross.

We also notice that this C3 Aircross has a reverse shark type antenna of the C3 which will have a classic antenna, which confirms that the C3 Aircross should be more upscale than the C3 and will have two types of antenna. antenna, a classic as well as a shark type.

In conclusion, this photo confirms that the future C3 Aircross will have very generous dimensions, a style that seems rather massive, a very SUV car with a very vertical tailgate that should give a nice habitability. In 15 days' time, we will see all the details of this long-awaited future C3 Aircross, which will strengthen the brand on the Indian and South American markets and contribute to Citroën's international sales.v

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