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Future Citroën C3 Aircross (CC24): once again surprised in tests

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A major novelty for 2023, the new C3 Aircross will enrich the Citroën range both in India and Latin America before arriving, a little later, in Europe. This new C3 Aircross will be much more imposing than the new C3 and should be able to offer a 7-seater version, which is important in India. He has just been surprised again in test and, despite still heavy camouflage, new details appear.

Of these new details, the rear lights stand out the most and we can clearly see an inspiration from the latest oli concept where the two horizontal LED bars frame, presumably, what would be the vertical brake light. Similarly, we can see quite clearly that the lights come out of the bodywork, like the latest restyled C5 Aircross but also the oli concept, to offer a sharper, more dynamic style aimed, probably, at lightening a fairly heavy rear part. given the fact that this future C5 Aircross should be available in 7 places. This probability in India is certain as it is necessary in this market, could it arrive in Europe? It is more delicate since the future C3 Aircross, whose length should oscillate around 4m30, would compete with the Berlingo.

This photo also confirms the very large tailgate which descends low into the bumper to provide a very low loading sill. Also note the presence, stealthy, of the rear protective ski which will integrate a light or a reflector, the shield should also be in raw plastic up to the tailgate to reinforce its adventurous appearance.

The presentation of the future C3 Aircross could take place for the middle of next year where it will come to the aid of the new C3 to bring Citroën's growth to this difficult Indian market. It will then arrive in Latin America before coming to Europe, probably towards the end of 2024.

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