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Future Citroën C3 Aircross 2024: Surprise in European test

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The future Citroën C3 Aircross has been surprised several times during development tests in India and Latin America, but it has been surprised for the first time in Europe during extreme cold tests. This new series of photos, although it does not show a piece of bodywork, confirms certain information about Citroën's future urban SUV.

The second generation C3 Aircross will be unveiled this year for the Indian and South American markets, before arriving in Europe in the second half of 2024.

These new photos, clear and taken at close range, confirm the first information circulating on the second generation C3 Aircross and perhaps give rise to others.

Firstly, it is clear from the photos that the future C3 Aircross will be much longer than the current one, since its length should reach or even exceed 4.30m, the length necessary to accommodate the 7 occupants who will find space inside.

Second confirmed information: it seems that the future C3 will keep the front doors of the new C3, but offer different rear doors, clearly visible in the photos. This larger rear door will allow better access to the interior.

The profile seems to confirm a certain affinity with the C5 Aircross, with which the C3 Aircross 2024 will share the same shape of the side windows and this type of chrome strip so specific to the brand's large SUV. The profile also shows that the dimensions of the future C3 Aircross are very generous, with a very flat roof and a very straight tailgate, which should make for remarkable interior space.

Finally, the front shows that the future C3 Aircross, which will certainly be the Indian or South American version, will not be the first vehicle of the brand to carry the new logo, as the notch for the chevrons is still visible on the bonnet, a notch that is no longer compatible with the oval logo that future models will have. These photos also suggest that the future C3 Aircross will have its own very muscular front end, clearly different from the C3, even though it seems to share the bonnet with the latter.

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