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Future Citroën Berlingo restyled: like this?

Illustration of the next redesigned Citroën Berlingo, due to be launched in 2024

In 2018, the third generation of the Citroën Berlingo arrived on the market, a generation that immediately enjoyed great success but also suffered some disappointments, particularly in the health sector. 5 years after its launch, the Berlingo is undergoing a restyling that will give it a new look and, above all, a complete facelift.

The Berlingo is an important vehicle for Citroën, the inventor of the MPV with the first Berlingo Multispace in 1996. The Berlingo is also, at least for a while, the brand's family car, a liveable, modular and practical vehicle with real versatility that makes it a very popular all-purpose car.

The new Citroën Berlingo restyled in 2024 should revise its entire front end with the new Citroën logo.

A revised style mainly on the front

5 years after its launch, it is therefore high time for the Berlingo to undergo a restyling which should bring it a major change at the level of its front face, which would be revised to integrate the brand's new design linked to the change of logo.

In our opinion, this restyling should modify the headlights and the bumper to make the Berlingo adopt the brand's new stylistic codes from the Oli concept, a manifesto presented by Citroën in September 2022.

Comparison between the Citroën Berlingo and the future restyled 2024 version

The headlamps, for example, abandon the double floor to incorporate a unique element inspired by the Oli concept, with two horizontal LED bars framing the headlamps, which will also use LEDs as part of the restyling. These new headlights frame a thin black radiator grille on which the new Citroën logo sits more vertically in the centre. In short, this Berlingo would be a new stage in the transition phase of Citroën's design, which began with the restyling of the C5 Aircross, which already went back to single headlights, a black grille and chevrons that sit proudly in the middle.

Under this grille, we have placed an air intake, already present on the current version and necessary for cooling the heat engines, which will continue to be offered on this restyled Berlingo, although in Europe only the electric motorisation would still be marketed, even if other rumours suggest that puretech hybridised 100 or 130 engines will appear in Europe, who is telling the truth? We will find out during the marketing.

The interior of the Berlingo is unlikely to see any major changes, although it is expected that the design of the seats will be modified with a new, particularly interesting pattern, abandoning the capsules found on the current range of seats and replacing them with a different pattern that gives the Berlingo seats a much more upmarket feel than the current ones.

The dashboard has undergone minor changes, mainly to the screen, which has been restyled to a 10-inch format and has been fitted with the new multimedia system, putting the Berlingo back in the same league as the Kangoo.

In conclusion, this restyled Berlingo will therefore revise its entire front end to make it adopt the brand's new stylistic codes, abandoning the double-decker headlights in favour of a more serious style, also more rewarding and which could also be adopted on the Berlingo Van, ending the two sides distinguishing the VU version from the VP version.

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