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February 2023 Report - EUROPE Car Market

As expected, the European car market continued to grow in February, recording its seventh consecutive month of growth. With 902,775 units* sold in February, the European market was up 12.2% compared to the same period in 2022, but the basis of comparison is distorted by the shortage that hit the market hard last year. Thus, compared to 2019, the last pre-covid year, the European market is still significantly down by 12.85%.

It should be noted that electric vehicles recorded an increase of 39.7% in February, bringing their market share to 12.1% compared to 9.7% in February 2022. While electric vehicles are on the rise, plug-in hybrids are on the decline with a loss of 7.4% to 57,569 units sold, a drop mainly due to Germany, which has ended subsidies for this type of engine.

In this context, sales of the

  • ALFA ROMEO, up 127.9% to 3,384 units for a market share of 0.2%.

  • CITROËN were down 7.1% to 28,925 units for a market share of 0.2%.

  • DS up 21.2% to 4,102 units for a market share of 0.5%.

  • FIAT up 0.5% to 30,590 units for a market share of 3.4%.

  • JEEP up 1.4% to 9,726 units for a market share of 1.1%.

  • LANCIA were down 36.8% to 463 units for a market share of 0.3%.

  • OPEL up 1.7% to 33,807 units for a market share of 3.7%.

  • PEUGEOT up 6.3% to 53,5274 units for a market share of 5.9%.

Overall, sales of Stellantis** rose by 2% to 167,097 units for a market share of 18.5%. In terms of sales, the group is in second place, with a widening gap to the Volkswagen group, whose sales rose by 21.2% to 235,404 units, bringing the gap to 7.6 points of market share against 3.7 in February 2022. As the analysis of sales in the main markets showed, Citroën's sales are in decline, with the brand unable to offset the losses it suffered in France, despite good performances in Italy and Spain.

* Sales include EU + UK and EFTA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) figures.

** Maserati figures are not disclosed.

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