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DS unveils "Esprit de Voyage" collection

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Since its birth, DS has associated its image with Paris, playing on the art and fashion that are part of the foundation of French luxury. To follow in their footsteps even more, DS is presenting its first collection called "Esprit de Voyage", which will be available on the DS 4 and DS 7 in very luxurious versions where the sense of detail has been pushed to create a unique atmosphere. inside.

This first DS Automobiles collection will be launched in 2023 on the four continents where the brand is established, and will be followed by new collections in the coming years. The DS 4 and DS 7 Esprit de Voyage are both based on the Rivoli finish, to which DS Automobiles has added exclusive details and additional equipment to offer the very best.

The DS 4 and DS 7 Esprit de Voyage therefore feature a light interior colour called Gris Galet and both have a special embossing on the leather of the dashboard, which illustrates the ambition to radiate the know-how of DS Automobiles from Paris. A map of Europe is depicted by rays centred on a Clou de Paris, symbolising the starting point and the place where this collection was designed: the DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS. The door sills also bear the ESPRIT DE VOYAGE signature with this emblematic map and the edging of the floor mats has a specific colouring whose grey tones are in harmony with the interior.

The same theme is repeated on the mirror caps, where the laser-engraved pattern has been deliberately adapted to evoke movement and aerodynamics, symbolising the journey. Externally, the DS 4 and DS 7 Esprit de Voyage feature glossy black elements for the grille, DS wings, window surrounds and, specifically for the DS 4, a two-tone black roof available in six body colours (Lacquered Grey with similar flush door handles; Platinium Grey; Pearl Crystal; Black Perla Nera; Pearly White or Velvet Red). The DS 7 Esprit de Voyage is also available in six colours (Pearl White; Crystal Pearl; Lacquered Grey; Platinium Grey; Black Perla Nera or Sapphire Blue).

DS is already taking orders for this first collection, with prices starting at €44,550 for the DS 4 and €52,500 for the DS 7, with an Esprit de Voyage collection available for all engines on both cars. The Esprit de Voyage collection will be available until 2023 and will be followed in the coming years by new collections highlighting other aspects of the DS cars.

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Love this combination of styling elements and 😍

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