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DS: the Pallas finish makes its return to the range

Les badges des finitions de DS automobiles Pallas et Étoile

Like Citroën which simplified its range from September 2023 by reducing its finishes from 5 to 3 finishes per model, DS automobiles is taking the same path with the announcement of a reduction in its finishing range to 2 levels in the current of the year but, above all, the return of an emblematic finish in the brand's catalog.

Indeed, who does not remember the Pallas finishes used on the famous DS but also on the CX by Citroën until the 80s. This luxurious finish topped the range of large sedans of the brand and left it in the collective imagination quite a symbol that DS automobiles intends to re-use later this year.

Thus, DS Automobiles models will adopt a new, more concise range structure, structured around only two finishes, which will be called PALLAS and ÉTOILE. The objective is to provide greater clarity, in order to highlight the key characteristics of these versions anchored in a coherent heritage for DS. Thanks to this new range, customers will have access to the best know-how of the French luxury brand available through two very expressive versions, offering equipment levels that meet their expectations.

Inspired by the Palace distinction awarded to the most luxurious five-star hotels, the PALLAS designation returns to DS Automobiles. A historic finish to the DS, Pallas was presented in 1964 and is making its return, sixty years later, with the same ambition: to embody French know-how.

Presented as a new version, the “Pallas” was at the time “intended to satisfy the desires of the most demanding customers”. Marked by great attention to detail, it remains a benchmark signature of the historic DS.

For its return to the range, Pallas maintains its initial ambition, with complete equipment perfectly adapted to each of the segments of the different models.

But the Pallas finish will not be the most high-end since this function will be devolved to the new ÉTOILE finish which is another very Parisian name. It is a symbol of Place Charles-de-Gaulle (previously called Place de l'Étoile), in the center of which is erected the Arc de Triomphe at the top of the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, whose cobblestones form a star seen from the sky. This square serves the most emblematic Parisian avenues forming a star, according to the design supervised by Baron Haussmann.

ÉTOILE also echoes the supreme title granted to dancers in the ballet hierarchy of the Paris National Opera since the 19th century.

Art, combined with architectural creativity, excellence and the energy of noble know-how are thus transmitted in these interiors which will be dressed in high quality Alcantara or Nappa Leather.

PALLAS and ÉTOILE will each display a specific badge, the motifs of which are inspired by the decorative arts. PALLAS subtly combines the door of a large Parisian palace and the historic axis of Paris (Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, Obelisk de la Concorde, Arc de Triomphe and Arche de la Défense), while ÉTOILE illustrates a broad enhanced luminous radiation of the twelve avenues which converge towards Place Charles-de-Gaulle, called Place de l'Étoile until 1970.


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