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DS moves up one place in the premium market in Spain

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In 2022, DS automobiles managed to pull off a particularly difficult game combining a shortage of components, logistical difficulties and a geopolitical context. After strong increases in Germany and Italy this time it is in Spain that DS takes stock of a successful year which enabled it to gain a place on the Premium market.

DS Automobiles continues its steady growth in the Spanish premium market in 2022 with 4,791 passenger cars sold and a market share of 3.4% which allows it to rank sixth in the Premium market, thus gaining a place compared to 2021 DS sales are up 4.3% while the premium market is down 3.5% over the same period, with DS taking advantage of the arrival of the DS 4 on the market.

The other pride of DS is that the growth of its sales is in the retail segment, the most important market segment, and which saw its sales jump by 22.1% even though the premium market in this segment was down 3.9%. DS also increased its sales in the B2B segment with an increase of 5.2%.

The success is notably due to the E-tense range which represents 38.8% of registrations in 2022, i.e. the highest share among premium multi-energy manufacturers, which allows Ds to have an average of Co2 emissions of 95.1 g/km is the greenest brand in the Spanish premium market, with average emissions of 122.7 g/km of CO 2 .

In terms of models, the DS 7 is DS's best-selling vehicle in Spain with 2,409 cars sold, 53% of which are hybrid engines. It is followed by the DS 4 which sold 1,595 units, of which 29% in rechargeable hybrid, then by the DS3 with 704 units, of which 9% in electric.

Borja Sekulits, Director of DS Automobiles for Spain and Portugal said "DS Automobiles continues to enjoy excellent health in the Spanish market: it closed 2022 with notable growth, both in registrations and in market share, also rising to sixth position among premium passenger car brands. Your characteristics are the key to your success. Traits such as attention to detail, quality, mastery of noble materials that have cemented the reputation of generations of French designers and craftsmen constitute, together with the most advanced technology, the DNA of the brand. Sustainable development is also a distinctive element for DS Automobiles, which ends the year as the multi-energy premium brand with the greatest presence of electrified vehicles in its sales mix, with 38.8%, and the one whose average emissions are the lowest in its range, with 95.1 g/km of CO2. In 2023, this philosophy that combines tradition and a pioneering spirit, as well as a close and personal relationship with the customer, will continue to be the basis of the brand's successes”

After this good year 2022, DS intends, in 2023, to take advantage of the growth prospects of the Spanish market to win new customers and continue to climb in the ranking of premium brands. To do this, the brand will focus on strengthening its competitive advantages, with electrification as the main protagonist. New traction chains will be launched, such as that of the new DS 3, with 156 CV and 400 km of range, and a fully electrified offer will be favored on models such as the DS 9. Likewise, the E-TENSE 4x4 version 360 will be present in more cars, to conquer new territories. Regarding the relationship with the customer, DS Privilège will offer a catalog of 50 exclusive experiences throughout the year and an increase in sales of the brand via its online platform is expected.

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