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DS launches DS 4 in China on 13 July

Second-generation DS 4 launches in China

DS manufactures in China the DS 7 and DS 9 for the Chinese market, the large sedan being there for the whole world. And if the sales of DS on the Chinese market are rather reduced, the brand does not forget and is about to launch the last generation of DS 4 whose commercial launch will be carried out on the 13th of July.

The latest generation of the DS 4, with its original style, is enjoying an honourable career, although its launch was hampered by production problems, but it is gradually becoming the brand's best seller in Europe, ahead of the redesigned DS 7.

The DS 4 will therefore expand its playing field by conquering the Chinese market, but not without facing two major challenges that could well complicate its task. The first is that Chinese consumers are not particularly fond of hatchbacks, except when they are SUVs, which the DS 4 is not, even though the brand has apparently opted for the Cross version, which is more like an SUV. The second challenge is that the DS 4 is not assembled locally, but imported into China, which means high customs duties, which increase the selling price.

Seen from behind, the DS 4 is very original, with a very sloping tailgate and transparent scale lights.

The DS 4 will be offered on the Chinese market with a single engine, 1.6 petrol 215 hp associated with an 8-speed automatic gearbox. Two finishes will be offered, Trocadéro and Rivoli, the prices have not yet been revealed, they will be at the beginning of July.

In conclusion, with the sale of the DS 4, DS shows that it has not forgotten the Chinese market, even if it does not expect to make high sales figures, the import duties make it well too expensive to drill. Nevertheless, with the DS 4, the brand will be able to show Chinese consumers that it is moving forward with a compact car with an original style and convincing features.


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