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DS automobiles appoints new ambassador in France

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Since its creation, DS has left the car industry to explore the world of art, fashion and even gastronomy, with the aim of expressing the French way of life that DS claims for its cars. At the beginning of the year, the brand teamed up with chef Julien Dumas, who has become DS's gastronomic ambassador.

Since its creation, DS Automobiles has explored the many facets of gastronomy. After organising numerous exceptional culinary experiences thanks to the exclusive ONLY YOU PRIVILEGE programme, DS Automobiles is continuing its roots in gastronomy to continue seducing gourmets.

Julien Dumas appointed DS Automobiles gastronomy ambassador

Since 2010, "the gastronomic meal of the French" has been listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. The pleasure of taste, the harmony between man and the products of nature, the careful selection of dishes from an ever-expanding range of recipes, good products whose flavours go well together, the marriage of food and wine, table decorations and specific tasting gestures have thus been identified as exceptional know-how, vectors of sharing and emotion.

To support this commitment, Julien Dumas has become the gastronomic ambassador for DS Automobiles. A Michelin-starred chef at the Bellefeuille restaurant in the Saint James Hotel in Paris, Julien Dumas offers a seasonal cuisine inspired by nature.

Passionate about his relationships with his pickers, gardeners, fishmongers and breeders, he favours the authenticity of the artisans of the land and the sea by offering a very high taste and nutritional quality.

Julien Dumas is driven by these encounters and his travels, by the sea, its fish, its molluscs, its seaweed and its sea herbs. This escape goes hand in hand with an eco-responsible approach to cooking.

As a gastronomic ambassador for DS Automobiles, Julien Dumas drives a New DS 7 E-TENSE, a rechargeable hybrid capable of driving up to 65 kilometres in zero-emission mode (WLTP cycle). With its technology, choice of materials and elegance, the New DS 7 E-TENSE is an invitation to the art of French travel. It is the ideal companion for exploring new ideas and meeting manufacturers in search of quality products.

Julien Dumas, DS Automobiles Gastronomic Ambassador: "I am particularly sensitive to the approach of DS Automobiles, both in terms of its love of French know-how and in terms of technological development to participate in the energy transition. If I were to apply these values to my own field, they would be the pillars of my cuisine, which I want to be seasonal and respectful of the environment. Like DS Automobiles, I work directly with artisans. I have developed my own vegetable garden and I am very close to the sea. I explain my inspirations and my travels between the city and the sea in my menu and its titles. These journeys are always a new experience that I love to share. "

For her part, Béatrice Foucher, Managing Director of DS Automobiles, says: "When we talk about French know-how, gastronomy is a must. Chef Julien Dumas has a unique style. He is very close to the people he works with. These relationships translate into unforgettable stories and exceptional products. This desire for excellence, sharing and authenticity are values we hold dear. Together, we want to promote the French art of living. Environmental responsibility is also a shared mission, as DS Automobiles will be launching 100% electric models exclusively from 2024, next year. "

Julien Dumas will take part in new experiences around the art of travel as Gastronomy Ambassador. Over the coming months, the chef will present his universe, demonstrating the excellence of his cuisine and DS Automobiles' know-how. In this role of DS Automobiles ambassador, Julien Dumas joins Jean-Éric Vergne, two-time Formula E champion and driver of the DS PENSKE Formula E team.

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