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[Dreams of Citroënists] The Citroën GS Restomod

The Citroën GS in restomod version seen from the front

At the start of the new year, more than ever, I want to make Passionnément Citroën the site of Citroënistes, of all Citroënistes, to share the passion that unites us. After a first test of our dreams for the coupé and cabriolet versions of the C4 and the C4 Cabriolet, the latter inaugurates a new section on the site: Rêves de Citroënistes.

At a time when the car industry is experiencing one of its greatest upheavals, old cars have never been more in demand and new trends are emerging, including Restomod, which consists of restoring an old car while at the same time taking the opportunity to add modern touches, be they mechanical, chassis or even aesthetic, while respecting a very specific rule: Do not distort the original lines.

This is what we have tried to do with this proposal from GS Restomod, on which we have taken some liberties with the concept, as we wanted to make some aesthetic modifications for greater modernity, this is particularly the case with the front and rear shields, which we have modified to give it a slightly more modern look.

The Citroën GS in restomod version seen from the rear

While the front headlamps remained identical to those of the original GS, we wanted to modify the rear with new, more modern headlamps and a more massive bumper than the original version, which consisted only of a stainless steel bar and made the rear very steep.

Citroën's heritage is rich in cars that managed to define their era, and the GS was one of them, creating a link between the 2CV and the DS and allowing Citroën to enter the already competitive family saloon segment. After a long gestation period, not without its pitfalls, the GS had an excellent career with nearly 2.5 million units (GS and GSA =) making it one of the best-selling Citroëns.

I hope you like our proposal, I am open to other suggestions in this spirit of bringing modernity to old Citroëns during the next "Citroënists' Dreams" dedicated to the Restomod. To relive the history of the GS, I invite you to read the article I dedicated to it a few months ago:


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