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Citroën will enter Indonesia in 2023

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I announced it to you on September 26, this time it's official, Citroën is arriving on the Indonesian market with a range of three vehicles including the very latest C3, made in India. From 2023, Citroën will therefore enter Indonesia with the firm intention of offering a wide range since it will be supplemented by future models from the C-cubed program.

Following an agreement signed on April 20, 2021 between Stellantis and Indomobil, Stellantis has appointed the Indonesian group to operate Citroën's business in Indonesia. This announcement was made by the two partners today in Jakarta. The partnership agreement designates Indomobil as the sole distributor of the Citroën brand in Indonesia and includes the introduction of Citroën vehicles in Indonesia from 2023.

Andrew Nasuri, Indomobil Group Director; Vincent Cobée, Managing Director of Citroën, and Carl Smiley, Director of Operations for the India and Asia-Pacific region at Stellantis, attended the ceremony held in central Jakarta to announce the arrival of the Citroën brand in Indonesia.

Andrew Nasuri said in his speech: “We are extremely proud to announce the strategic partnership between Indomobil and Stellantis, which will introduce and develop the Citroën brand in Indonesia. Through Indomobil Wahana Trada, we will market their stylish vehicles and provide reliable after-sales service to strengthen the brand's presence in the country. This appointment marks an important milestone that reflects the strength of the partnership between the Stellantis Group and the Indomobil Group.”

For his part, Vincent Cobée declared: “I am delighted to participate in the launch of Citroën in Indonesia. Citroën strongly believes that mobility should be accessible to everyone and we want to bring more proposals, both on products and services, to the Indonesian population. We are confident that Citroën will be recognized in Indonesia as the brand that “dares to invest”: investing in the well-being of our customers, investing in their comfort, and investing in offering them the best digital experiences. for their daily serenity”

The Indonesian automobile market offers good prospects for the years to come. Thanks to this strategic partnership, Citroën will offer vehicles recognized for their quality and style which will boost the automotive market in this country. Citroën can count on the support of Indomobil and the quality of its network of official dealers and its maintenance workshops. With deep brand development experience and expertise, Indomobil will be a strong partner to develop a solid long-term growth strategy.

Carl Smiley adds: “Indomobil is an established and important partner, with a proven track record of success with global automotive brands. Above all, Indomobil has the necessary know-how and long experience in the local automotive industry as well as a keen interest in customer satisfaction. These are the qualities Stellantis was looking for in a partner to help us launch Citroën in Indonesia, as part of our ambitious growth strategy in the region defined in Stellantis' global plan, 'Dare Forward 2030'. »

Stellantis, Citroën and Indomobil, as partners in this new project, are committed to making Citroën's presence in Indonesia a great success. To achieve this goal, the companies will work together in the years to come to achieve this goal. With this new partnership, Citroën continues to develop its international presence and take advantage of its presence in India to export its products to the various countries in the region, which will help to develop sales.

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