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Citroën to launch C3 with automatic transmission in Indonesia in 2024

The new Citroën C3, which will soon be available with an automatic gearbox on the Indonesian market.

Citroën's presence in India has a twofold objective: to succeed in the Indian car market, which is set to become one of the largest in the world, and to develop the brand's sales in the region, taking advantage of the duty-free production offered by ASEAN. This has enabled Citroën to return to Indonesia, where, after delivering the first C3s ordered, the brand is already preparing the sequel.

Citroën should therefore continue to develop the C3 range on the Indonesian market, which is currently rather limited and only offers a manual gearbox. This problem should be resolved in the coming months, as everything points to the brand offering the C3 with automatic transmission in Indonesia by 2024 and, logically, on the Indian market as well.

This was announced by Tan Kim Piauw of the Indomobil Group Advisory Board in Jakarta in a conversation with the media, where he stated that "it is already in our plans, actually in stages and not all at once. After the manual, there will be an automatic C3", he continued, "it concerns production and logistics, so it takes about a year. Yes, maybe next year".

The Citroën C3 is the brand's most accessible model in India and Indonesia and a fundamental element of Citroën's expansion, where the development of the Indonesian market is important to ensure international sales growth. The forthcoming launch of the automatic version should help the C3's good reception in Indonesia to continue, with a significant impact on the brand's sales next year.

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