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Citroën surprises once again in Ireland

A Citroën poster in Ireland

Citroën and comfort have a long love story, which means that its cars are still the most comfortable in their category. To bring Citroën comfort to Ireland, the brand has once again distinguished itself with a world first.

On the occasion of the annual Dublin Garden Show, Citroën unveiled a poster that skilfully combined nature and comfort under the slogan "There's comfort in our nature". The campaign, brilliantly launched on outdoor media across the country, was a true urban spectacle that captivated passers-by as they walked by. Its aim? To capture the essence of comfort and reflect the brilliance of gardening, as Citroën is the official partner of the annual garden show, an institution in Phoenix Park.

According to Liam Wielopolski, creative director at agency Bloom, the campaign demonstrates the technological advances and unparalleled comfort offered by Citroën, which clearly sets it apart from its competitors. "We wanted to capture this feeling of comfort and reflect the depiction of the garden in our poster. Citroën's advanced comfort technology really sets it apart from other brands in this category. Earlier this year, we tested the famous 'flying carpet effect' in radio and online video advertising. "

This new Citroën campaign was also an opportunity for the brand to create a new commercial as innovative as the first one dedicated to the comfort of the new C4. Two years ago, Citroën innovated by recording a radio spot directly inside a C4 while it was on the move, and now the brand is once again demonstrating Citroën comfort in a surprising and revealing way. The brand has teamed up with the creative agency Bloom, which has orchestrated a campaign as bold as it is creative for Citroën, making the streets of the Irish capital vibrate. At the heart of the initiative, a gramophone sits proudly in the back of a car, evoking both nostalgia and modernity.

Cathal Lanigan, Senior Marketing Specialist for Citroën, continues this momentum by telling a fascinating anecdote from the campaign: the daring experiment of a gramophone installed in the back seat of the Citroën ëC4X, playing a vinyl record while facing the legendary Ballymun Road, voted by an online poll as the road with the most speed bumps in Dublin. A technical feat that won over the crowds and deserves to be repeated.

The Ballymun Road experience was much more than a demonstration of Citroën's suspension technology. It was the very symbol of driving pleasure, turning every speed bump into a gentle breeze of lightness. It confirms that innovation and creativity in marketing can stir emotions, engage audiences and leave a lasting impression.

"This is our second year taking part in Bord Bia Bloom. Last year we created our first award-winning show garden," adds Trevor Hunt, Citroën Marketing Manager. "The response from the public was so positive that we are returning this year as the official car partner. Our 2024 show garden is called the Citroën Floating Lounge Garden, designed by Joe Eustace. A feeling of lightness and comfort are key elements of this garden, reflecting the 'glide' effect of our patented suspension technology and the 'home away from home' approach in the context of Citroën interiors. "

In conclusion, Citroën Ireland is finding the right ways to highlight the comfort of the current range by cultivating the boldness in advertising that is also part of the Citroën DNA. More than ever, comfort is at the heart of the brand's strategy, a comfort that has resulted in the most comfortable cars in their category, from the new C3 to the large C5 X. It is always difficult to talk about comfort, but Citroën in Ireland is proving that with creativity and audacity it can present it in the best possible way.

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