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Citroën raises its head in France

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After two difficult months in January and February, during which the brand fell to a low, Citroën recovered in March with sales up 18.8% to 16,744 units, allowing it to regain third place in sales, a position it had lost for several months.

This good sales performance enabled Citroën to achieve a market share of 9% and even 10% if sales of cars and commercial vehicles are combined. In particular, the brand recorded a good performance in sales to private individuals, the most profitable and interesting sales, as the brand gained 0.5 points of market share, a sign that these cars are appreciated.

This illustration shows how important Citroën still is on the French market, with several of its models at the forefront of their segment, such as the C5 X, the first thermal and hybrid car in its segment, or the C5 Aircross, the best-selling hybrid car in France in March and the first quarter. The brand's electric vans are also doing well and are the top sellers in their segment. Finally, AMI continues to make progress in terms of order intake, with an increase of 8%, which, although small, must be put into perspective compared to March 2022, when order intake almost tripled compared to March 2021. So, despite an exceptional performance in March 2022, AMI did even better in March 2023, with more than 1,000 orders in the month of March alone.

Admittedly, Citroën's situation in France is not all rosy and the brand is still too low in relation to these targets (11% of the PC+LCV market share), but the situation is improving, even if logistical difficulties persist, particularly in Spain, where 60% of the Citroën range is produced. The lack of delivery drivers prevents the brand from delivering as much as it would like by lorry, and the logistical difficulties are exacerbated by the recurrent strikes in the French sports sector and the brand's inability to deliver by rail because the width of the tracks between France and Spain is not the same....Citroën's March sales are nevertheless good, but they could be even better if the logistical difficulties were not so great.

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