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Citroën presents the Oli concept in Italy

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After a difficult 2022, marked by component shortages and logistical difficulties, Citroën is entering 2023 under the sign of combativeness, with a desired position against the current automotive world. This new positioning, embodied by oli, was an opportunity for Citroën to meet its dealer network in Italy to explain what oli would bring to the brand.

Launched on 29 September, the oli concept was therefore the star of the "Controcorrente" event held on 14 February at the Allianz Cloud in Milan. The event brought together the entire Citroën world to share the brand's new strategic vision, closely linked to its DNA, which has always been characterised by an original and daring approach. The new "conceptual manifesto" continues this tradition with a radically different vision of electric mobility compared to the competition. With oli, Citroën is breaking market codes and finding its own unique and innovative way to create a sustainable and accessible car.

Laurent Barria, Citroën's Worldwide Marketing and Communications Director, said: "Citroën oli is our starting point for an optimistic and functional electric mobility that meets the needs of consumers who are increasingly sensitive to pollution issues and the search for reliable vehicles, both from an economic and environmental point of view. The new concept car will inspire the design elements and technologies that will be used in future models in the range, while also being a source of inspiration for rethinking the services Citroën offers to electric vehicle owners to accompany them into the future of mobility".

This new strategy, which Citroën plans to implement next year, aims to improve the brand's commercial performance in a market that is moving towards electric vehicles and where car prices are soaring. For Marco Antonini, Country Manager of Citroën Italia, the brand has held up well in Italy: "In a market complicated by numerous external factors, such as component shortages and transport problems, Citroën in Italy recorded growth in segment share for all its models. In particular, the Citroën C3 was the best-selling model in the range and the fourth best-selling model in Italy, with 30,400 registrations and a 12% share. This is an important result that makes us look to the future with ambition. This year, we want to reach and exceed 5% market share and double the share of LEV vehicles."

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For 2023, Citroën can count on the launch of the C4 X and ëC4 X, which will arrive at dealerships in the coming days, but the brand also knows that it can count on the AMI, which has received more than 10,000 orders in Italy since its launch. Citroën is therefore about to launch the AMI Buggy N°2 series, which, with the planned 1,000 units, will be marketed in all the countries where AMI is sold, i.e. in Italy.

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