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Citroën prefers residual value to low prices on the UK market

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Since the arrival of former Citroën boss Eurig Druce, who has since been replaced by Greg Taylor, the brand has worked hard to improve the residual value of its cars by ending short-term activities and limiting sales to rental companies.

This policy is therefore aimed at controlling sales prices so that the value of the cars does not fall sharply, which has the advantage of allowing lower L.O.A. offers. And this policy will continue, according to comments made by Greg Taylor, who, like his predecessor, relies on value rather than discounts to sell his cars.

Greg Taylor says: "There is no need or incentive to offer discounts. Instead, where we are this year, as we look at releasing supply, it is with a point of questioning the demand in this country in terms of the cost of living crisis. I see this as an opportunity for Citroën to take share this year because of this positioning as a value proposition". In the past, Citroën has been known to offer big discounts, which, although beneficial in terms of sales, reduces margins, is bad for the brand image and ultimately destroys the value of the cars. Instead, Greg Taylor relies on the qualities of Citroëns, which justify a price that does not need to be discounted because it is well positioned compared to other brands. Greg Taylor says: "Is there an opportunity for people to move away from perceived premium offers that have higher monthly payments than Citroën? If the brand exceeds the expectations of their previous car, there is a prospect: "If you look at the technology of the Citroën, you look at the quality of the car, you get value without compromise."

Citroën will therefore continue with this value-oriented strategy and will no longer offer deep discounts, even to corporate fleets, at the risk of losing market share. For Greg Taylor, "the role of established European brands such as Citroën is to ensure that the heritage that put the brand in the first place remains true to the products that are delivered today. That heritage is mobility for all, with cars like the 2CV and others," noting that "even the Xsara Picasso offered good value for money, but was not cheap".

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