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Citroën open on Sundays in Italy

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Since 2020, Citroën has marketed AMI on an online site, whether the order is placed at home, at a dealer or at Fnac. Online sales are becoming increasingly important, and in order to provide its customers with the best possible support, Citroën is launching "Domenico On" in Italy, which will allow advisors to be available even on Sundays.

"Domenica On" is the new remote service that makes it possible to have access to a dedicated sales advisor even on holidays. This is not a robot simulating a communication, often with unsatisfactory results, but a real expert and trained advisor, ready to answer any question, thus ensuring an engaging, transparent and efficient customer experience.

In fact, for the first time, Citroën is offering a team of specialist advisers who are also available on Sundays, the usual day when dealerships are closed. To meet them, simply go to the website and follow the service instructions or call the dedicated number 02-44412662. In both cases, an expert will be available to guide the user through the entire range of the French brand, explaining the most interesting promotions and guiding the customer step by step through the model selection process. It will also be possible to book a test drive at the preferred dealer to complete an omnichannel customer journey.

Citroën is adapting to the evolution of the consumer, who is increasingly choosing to buy online, and continues to respond to changes in mobility and consumer behaviour by developing innovative solutions for online car sales, in addition to sales in dealerships, which remain at the heart of our strategy. This new service develops the potential of digitalisation and e-commerce, thanks to which more than 8,000 Italian customers bought their new Citroën last year. The success of the all-digital customer journey is based on the successful experience of Citroën AMI, which is 100% online, simple and intuitive, and has already been used by more than 10,000 Italian customers since the launch of AMI, easy and quick to complete in a few simple steps, anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

With "Domenica On", Citroën is developing its "Citizen Services" offer, a range of services for relaxed and responsible mobility. In particular, the programme facilitates a more relaxed overall experience and promotes sustainable mobility in terms of vehicle maintenance, driving, insurance, trip preparation and easier recharging for electric vehicles. In addition, the programme has recently been enriched by the Citroën B Parts service, which provides easy access to original spare parts for end-of-life vehicles at competitive prices, with no surprises, guaranteed by the manufacturer and available for assembly. by the customer or the Citroën network on time.

Faithful to its three core values - Care for People and the Planet, Well-being and Daring - Citroën is once again the benchmark, both for the comfort and innovation of its products and for the exclusive services that make life easier for customers, both during the purchase and after-sales phases, and make it easier to own and use a thermal or electric vehicle.

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