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Citroën offers a two-tone roof for the C4 and a new multimedia system

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Announced on the website in July 2021, the arrival of the two-tone roof on the Citroën C4 is finally official and already available to order since 1 February. The two-tone roof gives the brand's latest compact saloon a modified silhouette that reinforces its SUV side.

Launched at the beginning of 2021, the Citroën C4 will rank third in its segment in Europe in 2022 (5-door saloon excluding estate), demonstrating the relevance of its unique concept combining the advantages of a saloon with those of an SUV. This concept gives the C4 a truly unique stature in its segment, which can now be further enhanced with the arrival of a two-tone black Perla Nera roof to complete the C4's personalisation offer.

The C4 comes after the C3, C3 Aircross and C5 Aircross, all of which offered a wide range of personalisation options, with up to 90 choices on the C3, while the C4 only had a few colour packs, mainly for the Airbumps. This lack of two-tone offer is therefore repaired for the third generation of C4 which sees its attitude reinforced by this roof available as an option for 350€.

The two-tone roof allows the C4 to see its silhouette transformed to reinforce the perception of its profile which becomes even more dynamic. The black Perla Nera color is applied to the arches and to the roof to the benefit of a single roof line, which, combined with the sloping rear window, clearly expresses the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The black tint of this gently sloping roof creates a unity of color with the windows and the rear window for a strong visual identity full of contrast.

In the next issue of Passionnément Citroën, you will discover the story behind this two-tone roof which, as you will see, is not due to chance.

A new multimedia system

We had been thinking about it since the presentation of its sister C4 X and I announced it to you a few weeks ago, but now it's official: the C4 now benefits from the new multimedia system inaugurated by the C5 X in the Citroën range.

Called My Citroën Drive Plus, this new multimedia system replaces the previous one and brings fluidity and personalisation. The new C4 multimedia system, which is still broadcast on a 10-inch touchscreen, will be available as standard in the Shine version and as an option in the Feel Pack version at a price of €650.

This new multimedia system brings the C4 up to date with its Stellantis sisters, offering a much more responsive system than the previous one. Still linked to the "Hello Citroën" voice command, which understands natural language in around twenty languages, My Citroën Drive Plus brings more modernity to the C4, which in fact has nothing to envy the competition, particularly thanks to the navigation now projected on the entire screen in 16/9 format.

This new system also involves the removal of the aerial and its replacement with a shark aerial, and is very easy to update thanks to over-the-air technology.

With this new two-tone roof option and the arrival of the latest Stellantis multimedia system, the Citroën C4 strengthens its competitiveness in the compact saloon segment by giving it even more character and modernity, which should allow the saloon to Citroën to be more competitive in the segment and gain a few more positions. The changes to the C4 are not the only ones made by Citroën in its range and I invite you to visit the site from 5 pm to find out about the changes made to the C5 X and which strengthen its engine offer and its technologies.v

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