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Citroën launches a smart planner for its electric cars

The white electric Citroën C4 X seen from three-quarters front and plugged into a charging station.

The use of an electric car changes our way of driving, where the anticipation is much greater than with thermal cars. But the question of autonomy is also important, especially on long journeys where it is necessary to plan the journey well in advance. To facilitate this, Citroën will launch an e-ROUTES application in October that will make it easy to plan your journey in real time.

Initially available on the ë-C4 and ë-C4 X, this new service facilitates the optimal use of electric cars when travelling long distances. This intelligent application contributes to Citroën's ambition to offer a calmer and more responsible driving experience, as embodied by the Citizen programme, and to accelerate towards ever easier electrification.

Available from October, e-ROUTES by Free2move Charge is a powerful journey planner available via a dedicated smartphone application. To guide the driver and optimise the journey, e-ROUTES retrieves vehicle data in real time and suggests the best routes based on the status of the charging stations along the way.

Developed by the Stellantis software department, the e-ROUTES application is based on

  • An advanced routing algorithm, a benchmark on the market, which calculates the most appropriate route taking into account the location of the charging stations, their quality (quantity and characteristics of the terminals at each station, etc.) and their availability (information on the charging points available, in operation or out of operation).

  • A connection with the vehicle, which exchanges in real time with e-ROUTES the necessary data on the vehicle (battery charge level, energy consumption, charging mode, air temperature, etc.) in order to provide specific indications such as the expected autonomy and charge level on arrival. Using the Telematics Box, this "over the air" connection allows direct access to key data without the need for a dongle.

  • A connected navigation system with high quality maps that are always up to date, enriched with the best level of guidance, real-time traffic information and a complete set of services (speed limits, road closures, danger zones, etc.).

With e-ROUTES, Citroën offers the ideal companion for its electric cars to easily manage the long journeys they will have to make from time to time throughout the year. The e-ROUTES application is particularly sophisticated and easy to use thanks to its ergonomic design and compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. To access the e-ROUTES functions, customers simply need to use their MyCitroën account details. They can use the application on their smartphone or on the car's touchscreen thanks to the mirroring function.

e-ROUTES is a big step forward for electric car customers who, until now, had to plan their journey to the starting point and then fend for themselves according to changing driving conditions. Today, they have an intelligent assistant that optimises the route and is constantly aware of the condition of the car, the charging points and the traffic on the route. It constantly adapts to identify the most optimised route suggestions, the best places to stop and recharge, and to facilitate the journey. e-ROUTES thus removes all anxiety from the journey, allowing the user to be guided in complete confidence.

The e-ROUTES application will be launched in October. It is already included in the CONNECT PLUS package, available free of charge for 12 months to all new ë-C4 and ë-C4 X purchasers; after the first year, the service will be available on a subscription basis.

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