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Citroën launches a new service program for zen mobility

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Driving a Citroën has always been a sign of absolute comfort, a feeling which has been reinforced in recent years with the Advanced Comfort program which makes current Citroëns the most comfortable cars in their segment. After OLI, the brand is unveiling a new service program called Citroën Citizen Services.

Laurent Barria, Marketing and Communication Director of Citroën explains that “Citroën is recognized for its Citroën Advanced Comfort program, which offers an exceptional level of comfort on board its cars. Today, we are extending this attention to all the elements that make it easier to own a thermal or electric vehicle. As part of our desire to make mobility more accessible, more responsible and more serene, "Citizen" is Citroën's commitment to simplify the lives of our customers by offering them new services and experiences, in order to increase their feeling of well-being and part of a committed approach that cares about the footprint of mobility. »

This new service program aims to make the customer journey with Citroën as comfortable as possible. Citroën Citizen Services takes over certain services currently offered such as Citroën advisor, the 24/7 service which allows you to drop off or pick up your car at any time from a dealer after a service, for example, or the VIDEOCHECK service which allows, in the event of additional intervention observed, to send the customer who left his car at the workshop an explanatory video and a detailed estimate. Extra transparency and trust acclaimed by 95% of the brand's customers. But Citroën Citizen Services goes even further and offers new services to make it easier to own a Citroën. Thus, the brand offers the following new services:

Insurance adapted to the mode of driving

Developed by Stellantis Insurance, this new insurance offers customers of vehicles equipped with a telematics box to subscribe to connected insurance whose premiums can be reduced depending on driving. A 10% discount is applied to the subscription and the owner will keep this discount for the duration of the contract. depending on their driving, customers also benefit from additional discounts calculated around three vehicle data indicators: acceleration, braking and speed. This data is recorded during the journeys and analyzed every month to define a driving score which will determine the additional reduction they will be able to benefit from on their insurance premium for the following year.

Sustainable and responsible service contracts

Citroën will offer customers of electric models the possibility of benefiting from a service contract, which includes the use of recycled or remanufactured parts approved by the manufacturer, whenever possible. An approach to maximize the reuse of parts and thus reduce the carbon footprint related to vehicle maintenance.

PHEV Reward Program

Launched in 2023, this new program will allow each customer of a plug-in hybrid model to collect points each time they recharge their vehicle. These points will allow him to afford free public refills or vouchers for train journeys.

passionnément citroen, blog citroen, forum citroen, citroen, citroen citizen services, citroen services 2022

Laurent Barria concludes “With “Citroën Citizen Services”, we are transforming the experience of our customers by offering them very special attention made of serenity, the hallmark of Citroën. Although the range of "Citizen" services is already extensive, this is only the beginning of the story. In keeping with the Stellantis group's mission to offer safe and responsible mobility, Citroën will continue to offer new, even more accessible, innovative and sustainable mobility services across its entire range, designed to improve our lives at home. all. »

With this new Citroën Citizen Services program, Citroën proves its desire to be attentive to its customers and confirms its 360° approach to ensure that the customer journey with Citroën is the easiest and most comfortable. The brand also proves that an accessible vision does not come at the expense of the services offered to customers who can count on the brand to support them at all times, a way of building customer loyalty.


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