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Citroën Indonesia: an encouraging start with the sale of 50 cars in a few months

The Citroën C3 at the Indonesia Motor Show, symbol of the brand's return to Indonesia

Citroën's return to Indonesia after an absence of 29 years has aroused great expectations among Indonesian consumers, who have finally been able to discover the C5 Aircross, ë-C4, but above all the new C3, which comes directly from India and accounts for the majority of sales.

Citroën announced its return to Indonesia in October 2022, after a long absence of almost three decades. The brand began marketing its range in December 2022, including the C3, manufactured in India and exported from the port of Kamarajar, the first units of which were exported on 31 March. Aimed at young families, this range offers an elegant design, advanced features and a pleasant driving experience thanks to the brand's typical comfort.

The C3 in particular has made a good start in Indonesia, accounting for 90% of the 50 firm orders Citroën has received so far. Although this figure may seem low, it must be borne in mind that the brand has to build up a solid distribution network in Indonesia, which will take time. The Indonesian car market is growing steadily, with a 20% increase in sales in February 2023. There is therefore a growth opportunity for Citroën, which has enormous sales potential, particularly with the range based on the C. -Cubed range, which will be sold in this market.

Indomobil Group Managing Director Tan Kim Piauw said: "So far we have received around 50 orders for Citroën cars. We believe that for a new brand this figure is quite satisfactory" and that the brand has received hundreds of expressions of interest from consumers, which should translate into higher sales figures within a few months. Citroën will set up a network of 16 dealers in Indonesia, which will help to strengthen its presence in this important market and contribute to increasing the brand's sales in the region and reducing its dependence on Europe in the medium term.

It is important to note that Citroën has yet to make itself known in Indonesia. Consumers need to know about the brand, its products and services. Dealers will have to work hard to attract potential customers and provide excellent service. However, the first 50 units are encouraging for a brand with very little visibility on the market; once the cars are on the road, the visibility of Citroën and its models will have to be increased in order to gradually increase sales.

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