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Citroën in good shape in Spain thanks to electric cars

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With a long presence and still four vehicles manufactured in Spain today, Citroën is considered a Spanish brand and has a rich history with this country, which is paying off as Citroën's first quarter sales allow it to be well positioned, particularly in electric vehicles.

Although Citroën achieved 15,815 registrations of cars and vans in the first quarter on the total market (thermal + electrified), an increase of 36% compared to the same period last year, its market share is lower. it was 5.8% compared to the usual 7%. However, the brand is catching up in the electric car segment, where it is outperforming the market and is now in second place in terms of sales.

With sales of 1,251 vehicles and a market share of 9.4%, the brand recorded growth of 255% compared to the first quarter of 2012. This very good performance is driven by the C4 electric car, whose sales reached 541 units for a partial market share of 5.12%, placing it in the top 5 of electric car sales on the Spanish market.

As for the Citroën Ami, it is the market leader for electric quadricycles with 174 registrations in the first quarter, representing a market share of 25.2%. These results put it in second place on the overall quadricycle market in Spain for the month and the first quarter.

Citroën's electric commercial vehicles are also part of this success, as the brand is in first place with 716 units sold, an increase of 733% and a market share of 24.9%. On the commercial vehicle market, all engines combined, Citroën is on the podium with 4,528 registered units and a penetration of 13.2%, an increase of 58%.

Finally, the C4 is the brand's best-selling car, with 3,644 units sold, and is the leader in its segment for both March and the first quarter. The C5X remained the best-selling mainstream D saloon in March, a position it also held in the first quarter. The Citroën Berlingo, for its part, is the best-selling model in its segment and has already reached 3,187 registered units in 2023, allowing it to remain the leader in the first quarter.

To sum up, Citroën's sales in the first quarter were very good, even if its market share is still a little weak given its historical position, with a good performance in electric vehicles and four models at the top of their respective segments. The improvement in production and deliveries planned for the second quarter should allow us to continue on this path.

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