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Citroën goes on the offensive for electric vehicles in Portugal

The Citroën ëC4 seen from the rear sees its prices drop in Portugal as part of a more offensive strategy by the brand.

Citroën made a big move last April when it slashed the price of the electric C4 Live to below 30,000 euros in France, bonus included. This approach is part of the brand's desire to be more combative and to find positions more in line with its usual levels. After France, Citroën is going on the offensive in Portugal, where it is also making a big effort to make the electric car accessible.

In the current era of electric transition, Citroën is changing the way we think and adopting new habits in line with the concerns and behaviours of the current generation of consumers. In Portugal, Citroën has just launched a range of energy transition solutions aimed at all its customers, both private and professional, with three of its current 100% electric models: C4 and C4 X and the Berlingo.

Citroën's offer around these three proposals points to advantages that start from 4,200 € and can go up to 5,400 €:

  • ë-C4 Live Pack, the customer benefit is €4,750, i.e. a retail price of €33,485

  • ë-C4 Feel Pack, the customer benefit is €4,600, i.e. a selling price of €35,595

  • ë-C4 X Feel, the customer benefit is €5,000, invoiced at €35,185

  • ë-C4 X Feel Pack, the customer benefit is €4,200, i.e. from €36,345

  • ë-Berlingo Feel, the customer benefit is €5,400, from €31,730.

In an age of rapid technological change, financing is one of the ideal solutions for giving customers regular access to vehicles equipped with the latest developments. Citroën's financial offers are aimed at private and business customers, including taxi operators and TVDE vehicles, and cover both rental and leasing solutions.

For private customers, the brand offers Simply Drive, a flexible loan with a guaranteed final value, a Citroën ë-C4 with Feel Pack equipment for a monthly rental of €298, with an initial deposit of €8. The Citroën ë-C4 X is offered for a monthly rent of €306 with an initial deposit of €8,000. In both cases, the contract is for 60 months or 50,000 kilometres (values include metallic paint).

For B2B customers and through Leasys, Citroën's rental offer includes, for example, the new entry-level version of the ë-C4 Live Pack for an attractive monthly rent of €345, with a contract of 48 months or 40,000 kilometres (values include maintenance, replacement vehicle and handling fines).

For taxi operators in particular, Leasys offers differentiated solutions, in both cases with contracts of 24 months / 120,000 kilometres or 36 months / 180,000 kilometres. With these offers, the ë-C4 Live Pack is available at a monthly rental of €445 or €490, rising to €480 or €535 for the ë-C4 X Live Pack.

Citroën is thus back on the offensive in the Portuguese electric vehicle market with more competitive rental prices, in line with Citroën's promise to make electric mobility accessible. This should have an impact on the brand's sales in Portugal, which have fallen by 4.6% to 3,179 units since the beginning of the year, in a market that has grown by 25.1%.

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